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    Emerald Vale

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    A region of Terra 2 in The Outer Worlds.

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    Emerald Vale is a Spacer's Choice run region of the planet Terra 2.

    Locations in Emerald Vale

    There are many sub-locations in Emerald Vale.

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    • Edgewater
    • Botanical Labs
    • Edgewater Landing Pad
    • Emerald Vale Community Center
    • Geothermal Power Plant
    • Unreliable
    • Abandoned Industrial zone
    • Abandoned Outpost
    • Abandoned Spacer's Choice settlement
    • Edgewater Cemetery
    • Junkyard
    • Landing Site
    • Lone Grave
    • Marauder Encampment
    • Marauder Hideout
    • North Gulch
    • Old Wreckage
    • Primal Nest
    • River Hideout
    • Transport Wreckage
    • Volcanic Summit

    Quests In Emerald Vale

    Main QuestsSide Quests
    • Comes Now the Power
    • Stranger in a Strange Land
    • Die, Robot
    • The Frightened Engineer
    • A Few Kindred Spirits
    • The Long Tomorrow
    • Fistful of Digits
    • The Illustrated Manual
    • A Small Grave Matter

    NPCs in Emerald Vale


    Quest Givers

    • Grace Romero
    • Ludwig Miller
    • Thomas Kemp
    • Silas


    • Stefan Garcia


    • Adelaide McDevitt
    • Corporate Recruit
    • Corporate Technician
    • Corporate Trooper
    • Deserter
    • Guard Pelham
    • Lieutenant Mercer
    • Private Kimball

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