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Emergency Mayhem is a Disaster

Emergency Mayhem I could not wait for this game it really did just look like fun and a bit like Crazy Taxi but I was wrong. Emergency Mayhem has you playing as a police driver, ambulance and fire fighter which are mixed in with mini games.

The game lets you drive around parts of the place called Crisis City after doing each mission it will unlock another part of the city. Emergency Mayhem has a different set of mini games such as trying to get the fire out which has you moving your wii remote up and down, it has you guiding penguins back in the sea which has you moving your Wii remote with them, saving people from the building you have a trampoline and you have to guide them to safety, it also has things such as going in peoples body's and getting a fly or even nail out why in the hell would you swallow a nail not a good idea to do this is very awkward you have to move your Wii remote and press A sometimes the controls are awkward. There's 30 mini games and there's just to many to name also you have to catch monkeys seems to be big thing in the game I don't see why (Fire fighters get monkeys), patiences (for the ambulance driver) and robbers (for the cops) this involves you running them over you can't get out the car and get them you run over then that's teaching people the wrong thing as this game is pretty much aimed for kids it's terrible. The mini games are just repeated over and over and eventually your going to get sick of doing the same thing.

The controls to the game are a little awkward you use your Wii remote to drive you press B and to reverse you press A the nunchuk you steer using the analog stick on it and Z lets you use the siren but only for a limited time so traffic gets awkward and you end up crashing into them as they do get on your way.

The game also has a major down fall as sometimes the arrow does not appear for some reason it seems after doing so many missions it just disappears and you have no clue where to go and sometimes it will come back. The worst thing that happened to me was you finish all the missions now you have to go back to HQ I did but nothing happened and I had to go and do all 19 missions again.  As Codemasters released this game it should of been tested it just seems like third party games on Wii are never done well, but some are though just check out the Rayman Raving Rabbids series great third party game which has mini games.

The directional arrow in the sometimes is just not helpful as sometimes guides you in the wrong direction this is just annoying and while that happens and your trying to figure out which way the arrow means your running out of time.  I just want to go back to the mini games these can be annoying as sometimes the controls do feel unresponsive and fails to pick up the movement at times.

The dialogue in the game does get annoying as it is the same all the time if you lose a mission the women is just nasty saying stuff like you suck talk about hurting a child's feelings the womens says even more bad things. When the dialogue just could of been "you failed please retry you need to stop the mayhem" but the dialogue gets repetitive and you will hear the same thing all the time and you can't seem to skip some cut scenes. You can also drive around on public pavements and even run them over no law enforcement will stop you so this game really does live in a fantasy land.

The graphics do look like Nintendo 64 graphics I don't really care because they don't look that bad to me guess it's OK. The music sounds quite good and it really fits into the game very well. I really think that this game should of been less cartoon looking graphics because that really lets it down.

I really think this game could of been improved on to me it feels rushed and it is a bit stupid no wonder this game is hard to find only one store in my town had it every other game store does not have it at all. If you like these style games just stick with Crazy Taxi cause that game is good and avoid this one as it is very frustrating. The Wii has better mini game collections WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Rayman Raving Rabbids series.

This game was in plans in 2004 for Playstation 2 and XBOX by Acclaim since they went bankrupt they lost it. Four years later and Codemasters release it which this is there version as Acclaim's version looked a lot better and different to this. As I said it is quite boring and won't last long to enjoy kids may get bored of it easily there are far more better games on Wii to be spending your money on. This game cost me £20 pound and I feel ripped off I should of just have read other reviews first.

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