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    A Spartan-III Part of Noble team. Height 6`10 Weight 234 lbs Born 3/11/2523 He also goes by Noble Four. He works in Commander Carter's group of Spartans.

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    Colonel Holland's Noble Performance Report on Emile

    Warrant Officer

    • (P)MOS: 18B
    • Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    • Location: CLASSIFIED
    • Gender: M
    • Birthplace: LUXOR, ERIDANUS II
    • Birth Date: 11/03/2523

    SERVICE #: S-239

    PERFORMANCE: Respected by his peers; detail oriented; unbreakable. There’s not a whole lot more to mention; he is an effective member of the unit while in the field and maintains strict discipline off the field. It does seem that he tends to have more difficulty interacting with non-Spartans than others within NOBLE, however.

    COMMENTS: I wish he would reel his audacity in the field back about 24%. His behavior makes it difficult to field him against insurrectionists; it’s hard enough dealing with the stories of UNSC excess manufactured by the civilian media without S-239 providing them with hard evidence of said excess. That being said: It’s an odd feeling to be relieved that you are sending your people out against hostile aliens.

    NOTE: I may have to consider rotating S-344 into his spot if another IN/OP comes up before S-239’s next mandatory psychiatric reevaluation [REF:03/09/2552]. S-239’s collection of alien contraband is truly impressive. However, the existence of said collection is in direct violation of NAVCOM General Order 098831A-1/Sub_7. Good thing we’re ARMY.

    The Fall of Reach

    Emile was with Noble Team investigating a disturbance at the Visegrad relay station when they encountered the Covenant. After battling through Covenant forces including Elite Zealots they were able to contact Colonel Holland and inform him the Winter Contingency was in effect with the Covenant's invasion.

    Soon after Noble Team split into groups with Emile ultimately ending up on top of ONI Sword Base holding off Covenant air forces from an overhead corvette. Eventually he was joined by Noble Six and the two were able to fend off the attack long enough for an orbital defense platform to destroy the corvette. Soon after he and Noble Team met with Dr. Halsey to hand over the data Kat had taken from a dead scientist in Visegrad.

    While not present during Operation Uppercut, a mission to destroy the Covenant supercarrier Long Night of Solace that claimed the life of Jorge-052, he was reunited with Noble Team in what he called a "family reunion" in Olympic Tower in New Alexandria. The reunion was short-lived as Noble had to escape a Covenant attack with Kat being killed by a sniper in the process.

    Noble was later recalled to Sword Base with orders of its demolition. They ended up at a location they deemed had no strategic importance and were soon relayed new orders by Auntie Dot to rendezvous with Dr. Halsey at the Forerunner complex beneath Sword Base. Noble Team successfully defended Halsey's lab from Covenant forces long enough for her to transfer critical data to a fragment of Cortana, ultimately entrusting the package containing the fragment to Noble Six.

    Carter then ordered Jun to escort Halsey to ONI Castle Base while he, Emile, and Six made their way to the Pillar of Autumn in Aszod. En route they encountered heavy Covenant air defense ultimately resulting in Carter ordering Emile and Six to jump out of the Pelican and make the rest of the journey on foot while he drew their fire. Not long after the two Spartans were confronted by a Scarab. Carter, already critically injured, sacrificed himself by crashing the Pelican into the Scarab thus clearing the way for them to continue.

    Upon arriving at the ship-breaking yards Emile hopped on a mass driver and took out approaching Phantoms while Six dealt with ground forces. After Keyes arrived in a Pelican to get the package Emile was ambushed by an Elite Zealot squad. He killed one but was ultimately run through from behind by another Elite's energy sword. Emile pulled out his kukri knife and stabbed the Zealot in the throat, causing both to fall off the platform. His death was not in vain as Six was able to mount the mass driver and cover Keyes' Pelican as it returned to the Pillar of Autumn with Cortana's fragment.

    Additional Info

    • Emile is voiced by Jamie Hector in the game.
    • One of the few SPARTAN-IIIs to be issued MJOLNIR armor
    • Like the Master Chief from the main Halo trilogy and Noble Teammate Spartan-312, Emile is never seen without his helmet on.
    • His homeworld is Eridanus II, same as the Master Chief.

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