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Young Emily in the first Dishonored
Young Emily in the first Dishonored

Daughter of the Empress, and rumored to be Corvo Attano's daughter, Emily Kaldwin is the descendant and the legitimate heiress of the throne of Gristol. After her mother, Jessamine Kaldwin, was assassinated, she's kidnapped by a faction of assassins commonly called "Whalers", hired by the own Empress's Spymaster, and thereby starting a conspiracy against the Kaldwin's family.

Following the story's timeline, Emily still missing for 6 months. During this period, Corvo escapes from Cold Ridge Prision and travels to the Hound Pits to seek out Emily's whereabouts, and Lord Regent Hiram Burrows assumes the throne and take total control of Dunwall. Finally, she is founded in one of Golden Cat's rooms, trapped by the brothers Morgan and Custis Pendleton. After her rescue, she is taken to The Hound Pits, where remains safe and being prepared to return to Dunwall Tower and retake the throne. During your stay, Callista Curnow becomes her caretaker and teacher.

Afterwards, betrayed by the residents of Hound Pits, Emily is taken to the Kingsparrow Island's Lighthouse, to serve the interests of Admiral Havelock, which manipulating her, intend to reach the supreme power and have control of the empire. Corvo is send to rescue her and eliminate, once for all, the menaces that threaten Emily's future and Dunwall's fate.

In Dishonored 2 she becomes one of the available playable protagonists along with Corvo. She has her own unique powers and weapons.


  • She is voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz in the first game.
  • It is speculated amongst some of the citizens of Dunwall that Corvo Attano is her father.
  • It appears that Emily was being taught how to knock out enemies in a choke hold by Corvo, before his subsequent arrest.
  • Emily's personality and behaviours are greatly influenced by Corvo's actions throughout Dishonored.
  • Emily seems to enjoy playing hide and seek.
  • Emily talks in her sleep, and is hinted to have seen the Outsider in one of her nightmares.
  • If Corvo's chaos is high, Emily draws a picture of him standing on a pile of bodies, with a bloody sword in hand.
  • In her room in The Hound Pits , she has several items, which she claim to have found by "digging".

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