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Emon is a major character in Shadow of the Colossus. He is a shaman who wears a carved mask and a robe bearing the same pattern that decorates Wander's tabard. It is Emon's voice that provides cryptic narration during the introductory cutscene displaying an image of his mask; however, the man himself does not appear until later in the story. Emon is first shown in a cutscene as he and several other men on horseback approach the Forbidden Land after Wander defeats the Twelfth Colossus. Upon reaching the Shrine of Worship, one of his men refers to the shaman as "Lord" Emon, implying Emon's authority as a spiritual leader among their community.

Players can unlock Emon's cloak and mask as equippable items by completing certain Hard Time Attack challenges.

Sealing the Forbidden Land

After discovering Mono and the shattered Colossi idols inside the Shrine of Worship, Emon begins chanting over the maiden's body. He is interrupted by Wander's sudden arrival in the Shrine following the defeat of the Sixteenth Colossus. Wander's visage has now become ghastly pale, with darkened sclera and two horns protruding from his head. As Wander struggles to rise from the floor, Lord Emon condemns the young warrior's theft of the ancient sword and his trespass into this "cursed land", as well as Wander's invocation of the "forbidden spell" by slaying all of the Colossi.

Emon orders his followers to execute the now-possessed Wander. One man fires an arrow into Wander's leg before another impales Wander through the chest with his sword. Wander grasps at the blade as a pitch-black substance begins to seep from his wounds, much like the dark "blood" that flowed from wounded Colossi. Despite suffering these attacks, Wander manages to stagger towards Mono's altar before pulling the blade from his own chest. The darkness envelops Wander completely, and his form quickly grows until it towers over the terrified Lord Emon and his followers. The dark giant speaks with Dormin's voice, declaring that "We, Dormin, have risen anew..."

Now resurrected, Dormin uses his new body to attack Emon and his men; however, the shaman manages to retreat towards the spiral ramp leading back to the Shrine's upper entrance. Recovering the ancient sword Wander had dropped, Emon casts the blade into the pool at the bottom of the ramp before exiting the Shrine. The pool begins to emit a bright light, and Dormin is pulled towards the pool as his shadowy form begins to shrink. After reverting to Wander's original size, the dark entity strains against Emon's spell futilely before being sucked into the pool's magical vortex.

Meanwhile, Emon and his followers race back towards the Forbidden Land's entrance as the Shrine's great bridge begins to collapse. Emon's group barely manages to reach the opposite cliff before the final section of the bridge falls, sealing the Forbidden Land away forever. Gazing back towards the Shrine one last time, Emon expresses his hope that, if he somehow managed to survive, Wander might someday atone for his actions.

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