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An Emperium is a large gem that can be obtained as a drop and is also used as the focal point in a castle during War of Emperium.

Usable Item

An Emperium as a usable item is needed for one to create a guild in Ragnarok Online.

Creating a Guild

To create a guild one has to have the Emperium in the inventory. Once the Emperium has been obtained a guild can be created by typing /guild then a space and the desired name of the guild, for example /guild GiantBomb. If a player wants a space in the title of the guild then the name of the guild must be put between quotation marks, for example /guild "Giant Bomb".

Monsters That Drop Emperium

  • Requiem - (0.02% Chance)
  • Orc Zombie - (0.02% Chance)
  • Shining Plant - (0.02% Chance)
  • Mineral - (0.03% Chance)
  • Ghostring - (0.31% Chance)
  • Angelring - (0.41% Chance)
  • Gold Thief Bug - (3.00% Chance)
  • Baphomet - (5.00% Chance)

Quests Used In

  • Doomed Swords

War of Emperium

The War of Emperium is a pvp game mode in which guilds battle it out for control of a castle. The War of Emperium event is only available during certain times, during the rest of the time whichever guild successfully held the castle during the last war is entitled to use it's dungeon and facilities.

The Valkyrie Area Map
The Valkyrie Area Map

There are four areas containing castles with five available castles in each area. The four areas with castles are:

  • Valkyrie - The Valkyrie area is north of Prontera.
  • Balder - The Balder area is west of Payon.
  • Britoniah - The Britoniah area is south and west of Geffen.
  • Luina - The Luina area is west of Aldebaran.

Any player whether they are in a guild or not can enter and fight inside of a castle during The War of Emperium, but only members of a guild with the Official Guild Approval skill can damage the Emperium and take the castle.

This is where the Emperium comes into play. To take over a castle the Emperium must be found within the castle and destroyed. The player who scores the last damaging hit on the Emperium claims the castle for their guild and everyone else is immediately kicked out of the castle. The players of opposing guilds can then re-enter the castle and try to destroy the new Emperium.

Regular attacks only can inflict any damage to the Emperium as all skills will simply miss.

Disabled Skills

Several skills are disabled while in a castle during The War of Emperium. These skills are:

  • Assumptio
  • Back Slide
  • Basilica
  • Warp Portal
  • Teleport
  • Cultivate Plant
  • Snatch
  • Endure
  • Hocus-Pocus
  • Ice Wall
  • Sheltering Bliss

Emperium Stats


The Emperium, like a monster enemy has it's own stats.

  • HP - 150,000
  • Defense Power - 40 + 3x
  • Type - Angel
  • Element - Holy 1
  • Size - Small

War of the Emperium: Second Edition

The War of the Emperium: Second Edition is a similar mode to the original War of Emperium. The way The War of Emperium: Second Edition works is almost the same as the first one, but contains new maps and a couple of new mechanics thrown in.

War of Emperium: Second Edition contains two different areas containing castles. These two areas are located outside of Juno and Rachel.

Guardian Stones

The two Guardian Stones
The two Guardian Stones

One of the different mechanics added to War of the Emperium: Second Edition is the addition of Guardian Stones. There are two of these stones located in the castle. Between these Guardian Stones is an invincible barrier that blocks the path of any opposing players. In order to remove the barrier the Guardian Stones must first be destroyed. The Guardian Stones are the first defense obstacles in the castles.

The Guardian Stones can also be repaired by the guild that owns the castle should they be destroyed. In order to repair them a set of items must be brought in:

  • 30 Stones
  • 1 Oridecon
  • 1 Elunium
  • 5 Blue Gemstones
  • 5 Yellow Gemstones
  • 5 Red Gemstones


After the Guardian Stones have been destroyed enemy players can move on to the next area. The second defense in the castle is then approached which is the Barricades. Rather then only two like the Guardian Stones there are actually three Barricades. Each of the three barricades is actually made up of multiple pieces, from four to eight blocks.

These block sections are individually targeted and can be destroyed with skills, unlike the Emperium. Once all of the block sections of the three barricades are destroyed enemy players can move on to attack the Emperium.

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