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The second largest member of the Grub-Dog family, the Emperor Bulblax is a massive monster that devours Pikmin with it's gigantic tounge. In Pikmin, he guards the final part of the ship, the secret safe.


The battle begins when you see it's back sticking out of the middle of a patch of sand. Come near him, and he will rise and attack, greeted by his own
theme music. He will attempt to eat your 
Pikmin by licking all the space around him. This is actually the cause of his downfall, as he may lick up several bomb scattered acround the arena. This is the main way of attacking him, but he can also be killed by a more traditional method of simply throwing Pikmin at him, although this causes Pikmin loss to increase considerably. 
After his death the final part, the Secret Safe can be taken. Ending the game. 
In Pikmin 2, the Emperor Bulblax has been a lot weaker, mainly due to reduced size and demotion to a regular boss in 3 of the caves. He is killed by the same way, except sometimes without the bombs. Before you approach him, you can see his eyes stick out and stare at the Pikmin.

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