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Character Overview

Violet Dragoon Doel
Violet Dragoon Doel

Emperor Doel achieved fame as the monarch who started the Serdian Civil War after murdering his older brother, King Carlo. He reigned for nineteen years in Sandora, claiming that he was saving Serdio from an incompetent ruler. Emperor Doel married Karina who died prior to the events of the game.

It was Doel who had Shana kidnapped and sent to Hellena Prison, under orders from Lloyd. Lloyd granted him two Dragoon Spirits, one of which (the Jade Dragoon Spirit) he gave to his trusted ally, Greham. The other, the Violet Dragoon Spirit, he kept for himself.

He fought Dart and his group at the Black Castle in Kazas. He was eventually mortally wounded, and died after telling the group to pursue Lloyd in Tiberoa. He reappears as a vision during Kongol's trial and Albert fights a shadowy Doel on the Moon That Never Sets.

First Encounter

HP: 800 Normal / 1200 Dragoon  
Element: Lightning
Location: Black Castle Kazas
EXP Given: 3,000
Gold Dropped: 200
Item(s) Dropped: None
The first time to battle Doel is right after a brief fight with Kongol. Doel is sitting atop of his throne when the player arrives. After Doel gives the gang a speech the battles ensues. 
There's two parts to Doel's first encounter, his normal human form and his Dragoon form. While he's in his normal form he attacks with his Shadow Blade and Light Sword. This form doesn't last too long before Doel unleashes a surprise Dragoon form.  

Judgement Storm
Judgement Storm

Doel's Dragoon form is the majority of this battle. He now adds powerful lightning to his melee combos and casts powerful lightning based magic.
Charge Burst: Doel shoots two bolts of lightning from his sword.
Barrier: After a set amount of time Doel will raise a barrier that gives him invulnerability to all types of attacks for a period.
Judgement Storm: Doel tosses his swords high up in the air as he charges an electrical storm. Doel then rushes to the party and attacks all three before he flies up, grabs his swords and absorbs the energy of the storm into his blades then unleashes it towards the party dealing high damage.
Lighting Magic: Doel throws random lightning based magic at the party.

Second Encounter

The second time you face Doel is on The Moon That Never Sets. This fight is fairly different that before. Doel's swords need to be destroyed before you'll be able to damage him. This fight is fairly easy compared to his last appearance. 
Doel only has two attacks this fight.
Melee Combo: Doel slashes the opponent twice then stabs the opponent and lifts them up and slams them down.
Cape Bolt: A bolt of electricity is shot from Doel's cape.


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