Emperor Griffon

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    The primary villain of the Dark Cloud 2 game. He is the reason that Monica goes back in time.

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    The primary villain of the Dark Cloud 2 game, Emperor Griffon is the one who uses the Yellow Atlamillia and with it, it makes him incredibly powerful. He is commonly depicted as a gigantic and evil beast, with enormous wings, glowing red eyes, and sharp fangs. When in actually, Griffon is just a Moon Person, the small, rabbit-like looking people from the Dark Cloud universe
    Griffon has an extreme hatred for humans but an incredible passion of love for flowers. He is seen using roses as a weapon in the first battle against him. His love of flowers comes from the relationship he had with Alexandra, the Queen of the Moonflower Palace. Alexandra was the one who gave Griffon a purpose in life and was the one behind giving his name. 
    Sirius' hatred spawned from the war against the Moonflower Palace, leading to Alexandra's death and him feeling abandoned. He controls the Yellow Atlamillia so that he can change time for himself so he and Alexandra can remain together.

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