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Junon cuts a very imposing figure, wearing black armour and a helmet that earned Tristan's sovereign the title of "the Black Mask of Death". Likewise, Junon has one of the most aggressive and intimidating personalities of any of the Monarchs in Dragon Force.Junon is skilled at both swordwork and sorcery, learning some powerful spells that can cut an enemy army down to size in seconds.

These attacks are Flame Cannon, Meteor Storm and Sonic wave.

Junon's army

Some great generals and wide access to the rare but powerful Harpy troop make Junon's starting force probably the most powerful amongst the initially available playable characters. It isn't without its drawbacks though.

AYRIOS - Although he is narcissistic and a philanderer, Ayrios abilities as a leader and knight are first rate. A combination of high stats and Harpy troops make him one of the game's best knights.

CINNA - An anrogynous-looking elf who left Palemoon to join Junon's army. Despite poor eyesight, he has prodigious magic skill. Cinna's stand-out trait as a unit are his quick-recharge Flame Cannon's which can be used to pick off an enemy general quickly. His sister serves in Palemoon's army.

SCAR - A former bandit who seeks revenge on Scythe of Fandaria for killing his comrades. Scar can use Harpies but is otherwise a mediocre fighter.

ORTEGA - A former mercenary captain, he joined the Tristan army after Junon personally defeated him in combat. Ortega has solid, but unremarkable stats. However, he only learns one skill - Cross Flash.

Storyline enemies

The greatest mismatch between a starting army and storyline opponents comes in Junon's scenario as the Black Knight's army completely outclasses the initial, storyline-based foe.

GUSTAV - Posing as a bandit, Gustav is actually a mercenary sent to assassinate Junon on behalf of the merchant Golem. He is a thoroughly mediocre knight who learns only one skill.

KIDD & RAMZAL - A thief and a fighter who work for Gustav. They are unexceptional units, but far from poor, and their soldiers can come in handy against Mages and Archers, which Harpies are weak to.

GOLEM - An unscrupulous merchant who seeks to eliminate Junon so as to gain access to Tristan's mines. He is being encouraged by Gaul of Fandaria in this course. Golem takes over a castle early on, but as he isn't backed-up by any other generals and is himself a sub-par fighter, he is little threat.

Story Mode

Junon's father Toregar was slain by Goldark, who serves as the game's primary antagonist in the beginning, and now the black knight sees the coming war as a chance for revenge. Junon's path through the game is near-standard for a monarch in Dragon Force, though there are some divergences when it comes to Zanon and Goldark.

All the other nations of the game must be conquered, with the exception of Palemoon, which will ally with Tristan voluntarily when approached.

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