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    Emperor Uriel Septim VII

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    The Emperor of Tamriel.

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    History and Background

    Uriel Septim VII was the Emperor of Tamriel and the son of Pelagius IV, the 21st emperor in the Septim line.  He was praised for his diligence, political skill, and military prowess and ruled Tamriel for sixty five years.  He plays some sort of central role in four Elder Scrolls games though he makes his first actual appearance in Oblivion (these games cover the last forty four years of his rule). 


    Though he never appears in-game, Septim serves as the catalyst for the game's event by shipping the protagonist to Vvardenfell and setting the Nerevarine prophecy in motion. There are rumors during this time of his ailing health but he appears healthy in Oblivion.

    Appearance in Oblivion and Death

    In Oblivion, the player sees him shortly before his death following him as he and his body guards, the Blades, attempt to flee the Imperial prison. He seems very religious, making numerous references to the Nine Divines, and seems to foresee his inevitable end. As the player follows them they reach a dead end and are cornered by a group of assassins working for the Mythic Dawn cult; one emerges through a side passageway and stabs the Emperor in the back.

    The Amulet of Kings

    The Amulet of Kings is the amulet worn by every emperor of Cyrodiil. The amulet consists of a red gem, held in a golden clasp with 8 relatively small gems surrounding it. The center gem is called Chim-el Adabal but is often referred to simply as "The Red Diamond". Each gem is said to represent one of the eight divines of the original Cyrodiilic pantheon, created by Saint Alessia who led the first era rebellion against the Ayleids and hence, established the first Cyrodiilic empire. Her soul is said to be the first to have been placed within the amulet, as has every emperor's since. The amulet remains a symbol of the Septim bloodline's divine right to rule over Cyrodiil. The amulet can only be worn by those said to have dragon blood within their veins, although this could simply someone with the spirit of a true leader.

    Uriel Septim Quests

    • Escape From Prison
    • Deliver The Amulet


    • Uriel Septim VII is voiced by Patrick Stewart in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
    • Almost all of Uriel Septim's lines contain references to the play Julius Caeser, by Shakespeare.

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