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    Empire City

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    The fictional metropolis wherein the events of inFamous unfold.

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    The city falls apart if the player chooses to  be evil
    The city falls apart if the player chooses to be evil
    Empire City is the setting of the open-world action adventure game, inFamous. After being torn apart by a mysterious blast, six city blocks have been levelled with the story's protagonist Cole at the epicentre, not only surviving the explosion but being granted superpowers (a "conduit", to use the in-game term). As a result the city is quarantined and all contact with the outside world is lost. In the ensuing chaos crime has spread rampant and the fate of Empire City lies in the hands of the player.

    The city is split into three islands, the Neon; composed of shops and businesses, which now belongs to the Reapers, the Warrens; the port of the city and considered the slums of Empire City, the new base of operations for the Dust Men, and the Historic District; the main residential area of the city, unfortunately the location of the blast, and even more unfortunately the central staging area for the terrorist organization known as the First Sons.

    Due to the blast, electricity has been cut off in several parts of the city. As the game progresses, Cole re-establishes electricity in these parts. Areas that do not have electricity flowing through them are considered dangerous to Cole, as his powers become limited and the gangs rampage freely.

    As the game progresses, it is up to the player to choose whether to help its civilians and re-build the city, or whether to take advantage of the chaos, tear the city further apart and have it at Cole's mercy.
    A very small portion of what appears to be the Warrens was recreated for inFamous' game space in the online interaction hub, Playstation Home. There, users can watch a trailer for inFamous displayed on a big screen, and play a simple minigame, a shooting gallery where the user shoots lightning bolts at cardboard cutouts of Reapers.
    It has been confirmed that inFamous 2 will not take place in Empire City; Cole will be moving to the city of New Marais instead. However, it has been stated that the very beginning of inFamous 2 will have Cole tangling with the superconduit known only as " the Beast", and losing the fight badly. It has been theorized that this specific fight will take place in Empire City, and that after the loss, Cole will escape to New Marais to recover.

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