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A true guilty pleasure 2

Enchanted Arms is a hell of a fun mess.  Its story, characters, and settings are as laughably bad as anything I've seen since Metal Dungeon, and should there be a video game retrospective Razzie award, it certainly deserves a nomination.  There's not a minute of dialogue in this game that isn't cringe-inducing.  There are no great characters in the entire game.  The plot makes other cliched games look like gems.  And yet, there's a whole lot to enjoy in this game, particularly if you can look pa...

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Enchanted Arms has its Moments as an acceptable RPG 0

Countless years ago, machines called Golems were created to do a single task until it was completed, even long after the one who gave the order perished. So, when this technology was used for war, it’s no surprise that the ideologies of those who were born and died, lived on through these machines. The Golem War, as it was later coined, raged for a thousand years, until finally, the most dangerous Golems, the Devil Golems, were sealed away. Now one of the Devil Golems is about to be reawakened, ...

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A sad attempt at and rpg 0

Enchanted arms is a story about a boy named Atsuma who has an arm that uses negative magic energy. It takes place in a world of magic but has cities with names you might recognize. The game is set up as you play a maximum of 4 players in a battle and you can have golems with you as well. Golems are basically like Pokemon. Except you build them instead of catching them. They fight and gain experience like a regular character except they are not part of the story, except for the Devil Golems. Devi...

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Enchanted Arms was a mess, but the sidequests kept me going. 0

Enchanted Arms was..eeh.. ok I guess. The graphics are really bad. The voice acting annoying. The story was crap. However, I did like dungeon crawling in the game. I loved finding all the Golems (I got most of them). There was plenty of fun sidequests. I loved building up my characters skills. While the battle system was a little slow, you can set your battles to Auto, so you can create really fast battles if you wanted. This is an AWESOME idea for a game with random encounters. Not only that, b...

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An RPG That Is Special In It's Own Way 0

Enchanted Arms is a Japanese style RPG that was originally released alongside the Xbox 360 in Japan to help sell the system. It took around 6 months to get the game ready for the U.S. Market, and based on the script, it leads me to believe that either the Japanese that made this game have a twisted sense of humor...or translating this game went horrible. Due to the extreme amount of situations that make it seem something was mistranslated, the logical conclusion is that all of the odd dialogue w...

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