Endless Sky

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    An open-source space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity.

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    Inspired by the Escape Velocity series, Endless Sky is a space exploration, trading and combat game.


    Gameplay is largely identical to the original EV series, with players starting out in a small shuttle/spacecraft jumping between systems with a limited range of jumps before refuelling at a system's primary planet. Each planet contains trading markets, outfitters, mission boards etc. to allow the player to generate credits, allowing to player to work up to ship upgrades and larger ships, and eventually the ability to control an entire fleet of ships.


    The game setting is similar to EV, with 6 factions over the original 4:

    • Parliament
    • Navy
    • Republic Intelligence
    • The Syndicate
    • Southern Mutual Defence Pact
    • Aliens

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