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    A famous champion of the Demon Palace and Epitaph User of Macha, the Temptress. Endrance is a Blade Brandier.

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    Previously Elk from the prequel quadrilogy, his relatively antisocial tendencies expanded into serious reclusiveness after R1 and his AI friend Mia were destroyed. Lethargic and highly solitary at the beginning of Rebirth, only appearing in public to protect his title as Emperor of the Demon Palace. He lacks a sense of self and obsessively relies on outside sources for his sense of self and worth. He withdraws after his cat - AIDA mimicking his friend Mia from The World R1 - is destroyed during his defeat by Haseo.

    Remaining reclusive until Haseo comes to him for help in the Holy Palace tournament, he shifts his obsessive need for validation to Haseo.
    It is unknown when he "awakened" as an Epitaph User, but conversation from Yata and Pi indicates he was possibly the first to gain control of his Avatar and he has the most control of it, also being the first one to transfer his Epitaph's power to another.


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