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    Enforcers are large robotic automatons designed by the Forerunners, they are only released when situations are dire, such as the events concerning the Flood in Halo 2.

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    Enforcers are massive robotic automatons that were designed to prevent mass Flood outbreaks on the Halo Rings. They are seen guarding key locations such as the entrances to the Sentinel Wall on Delta Halo and the Library. Enforcers are produced by the hovering Sentinel Production Facility. Enforcers have two energy shields split in half with a hole in the middle(for their guns to fire) that protect the front side of the machine. They are armed with a Heavy Needler, Missile like Projectiles, and an Invisible Sentinel Beam. They are also equipped with large claw like arms which are able to pick up and rip apart most Vehicles, resulting in death of all occupants unfortunate enough to be inside of the vehicle.


    The Enforcer's Energy Shields can absorb more damage than a normal Sentinel's shield. The shields, which only guard the front area of the machine, are immune to ballistic weapons, such as the Battle Rifle, Shotgun and SMG fire. They are similar to the Jackal shield, but are weak against plasma weapons, and are blue in color (They turn red when half depleted.). Like an Elite or Spartan its shield can be taken out with one charged Plasma Pistol shot. The Enforcer is also very strong, capable of withstanding up to two Scorpion Missiles or two to three Wraith shots. Also, if a vehicle drives under an Enforcer, the Enforcer can pick up a vehicle with its small gravity beam, similar to that on a Phantom then proceed to crush it with its leg-like appendages and easily destroy it, whether the vehicle is a Ghost, Warthog, Wraith, or even a Scorpion (So it's a good idea not to attack inferior part of an Enforcer while under it.). When it appears to be lifting the player's vehicle off the ground, the driver should exit the vehicle immediately to avoid being crushed, and eventually killed. One problem with the Enforcer is that they cannot detect enemies hidden in the shadows, which can be used to a player's advantage, where if a player moves stealthily enough from one area to another, the Enforcer will continue to fire into the last known area the enemy was located in. After they have lost track of their target, they will quickly lose interest and turn their back on the enemy, giving the player an opportunity to attack from behind. Once the Enforcer has taken enough damage, its shields will drop and it will explode. After exploding, large pieces will come crashing to the ground. These pieces can hurt and even kill the player if they land on them, making it best to stay away from the Enforcer when it is destroyed.The Enforcer's red projectiles, which appear similar to the Covenant projectiles, are usually not a threat to players as they are very easy to dodge, also the enforcers "needler" is very much like the Halo 3 Brute Spiker It uses these red projectiles to fight infantry at a close range, to a medium range. It's mortar projectiles are extremely dangerous and can quickly kill you or keep you pinned down. It will use its missiles against any vehicle it encounters; from a Ghost to a Phantom, and will occasionally use it against infantry, should they appear in large groups. The Enforcer uses its mortar projectiles as medium range, to long range weapons.If you can shoot off its small Needler shooting arms, and the small pair of missile launchers on its back, it will start to fire an invisible Sentinel Beam. Although invisible, the beam causes visible damage to walls. The sparks emitted from the weapon show that the beam is a Blue Sentinel Beam, similar to the beam a Sentinel Major uses (it is kind of hard to do this, so it is not advisable, but, if you want, you can do this (try not to kill the Enforcer while you are trying to do it)).They were only observed on Installation 05 fighting the local Flood infestation on the levels Sacred Icon and Quarantine Zone. They were not seen in Halo or Halo 3.

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