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    Enrico Pucci

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    Pucci is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 6. He is an insane priest who worships Dio and seeks to remake the world to fit Dio's vision.

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    Pucci is a Stand user. His Stand evolved two times with different power for each stage.


    Pucci firstly wields a Stand named Whitesnake, which has the power to transfer people's minds into discs and take them out. People who lost their discs will fall into a coma and die after a period of time. Pucci can read a person's memories when holding this person's mind disc. Since Stand power is a spiritual force, Pucci can also turn Stands into discs to take them away from hosts. He can also write orders in blank discs and insert them into people's heads to control their minds.


    After merging with a baby ascending from Dio's remnant, Pucci's Stand evolved into a Stand named "C-Moon", gaining the power to change the direction of gravity.

    Made In Heaven

    After understanding the relationship between gravity and time, Pucci's Stand finally evolved into "Made In Heaven", gaining the power to accelerate time. During time acceleration, only Pucci's motions follow accelerated time flows, which gives him super speed.

    During each evolution, Pucci lost his original Stand power. He sacrifices his Stand twice to achieve the final power which is time acceleration. With this power, he can accelerate time infinitely to make the universe reset into a new one. Pucci wishes to create a world fitting Dio's vision by using this power.


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