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    He is the prince of the Valuan empire. He leaves his title to join Vyse and fight against his own corrupt country.

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    Character Biography

    Enrique is first seen when Fina, Dyne, and Dyne's crew were captured and taken to the Valuan Grand Fortress. He is by his mother's, Empress Teodora, side when Fina is led into the throne room by Valuan guards. Empress Teodora is asking for Fina's help to raise the Gigas and conquer the world. Enrique questions why Valua must do this, but his mother tells him that he is her heir and must rule over the huge empire she is building for him. Fina refuses to cooperate with her, so Empress Teodora orders the guards to kill her in her blind rage. Enrique tries to calm her down, only for her to redirect her anger towards him for defending Fina. Admiral Galcian then talks with Teodora about how he fired Alfonso and wants to promote his vice captain, Ramirez, to the now open position. Fina is then led out of the throne room as Enrique continues to question the path Valua is going down.

    Later in the story, Enrique is seen in Valua yet again after Vyse, Aika, Fina, and Gilder are captured by Valua. He hears that the air pirates were imprisoned in the Valuan Grand Fortress, so he wants to meet them. By the time he gets to the prison cell where Vyse and company are kept, alarms are blaring because the air pirates have escaped. Enrique smiles at this because he expected this to happen, so he goes to a place where he predicts the escaped prisoners will go. After Vyse and company defeat a tank, Enrique sent a lift down to them and ordered them to get on. Then, he takes them to the Delphinus, a vast prototype Valuan warship, and tells them that this is his ship. He explains how Valua wants to create more ships like this to take over the world, and Gilder asks why the Valuan prince is telling them all this. Enrique then says that he wants them to take this ship and him with it.

    Enrique says that he knows what Valua has been doing, and he doesn't like it. He knows that he has to stop his own country from going down a path like this. He asks Vyse if he'll let him join them as a crew member or even as a hostage if he wants. No matter what choice the player picks, Enrique will join the party. Of course, allowing Enrique to join will increase Vyse's Swashbuckler Rating.


    Enrique joins the party at level twenty-four, and he might be at a lower level than the rest of the party depending on how much the player grinded. Unlike Vyse, Enrique tries to target weak points, which is appropriate for the weapon he uses. Despite joining at a lower level, Enrique might learn all of the magic in the game before Vyse does (depending on circumstances) but definitely not before Aika and Fina do.


    • Royal Blade (requires one moonberry to learn) - Enrique places his sword in front of him as it glows. He raises it and goes into an attacking position, then repeatedly stabs and slices the selected target. Targets one enemy. It requires eight SP to use.
    • Justice Shield (requires two moonberries to learn) - Enrique places his sword in front of him as he says, "May righteousness be our shield..." and brings the sword down in front of him as he finishes, "...shield of justice!" A decorated shield appears in front of him and disappears as similar shields appear in front of party members and disappear. It halves all damage done to party members for one turn. Benefits all members of the party. It requires four SP to use.
    • The Judgement (requires four moonberries to learn) - Enrique appears in a coliseum as the crowd cheers. He declares, "Your trial will be swift and just!" before he summons a giant blue dragon from the sky. He finishes, "Now face your punishment!" as the giant blue dragon attacks the selected target. The crowd continues to cheer as Enrique raises his sword. Targets one enemy. It requires sixteen SP to use.

    Enrique is the only playable character that can equip rapiers. Here is a list of rapiers (some don't even sound like rapiers, so the player might mistake them as weapons Vyse can use) that Enrique can use:

    • Rapier (default weapon)
    • Blade of Slumber (can be bought in Yafutoma)
    • Frostblade (can be found in Glacia)
    • Imperial Blade (can be found in Dangral Island)
    • Stoneblade (can be bought from Ryu-kan in the base in Crescent Isle)
    • Serpent Strike (given by Maria's bird or from an enemy drop in Soltis)

    Personality/Trivial Information/Interests

    Enrique is twenty-five years old...which is a little surprising because he looks pretty young to be an adult of drinking age. He can be very naive, like before he meets Vyse, he thinks that the air pirate would look like a monster that breathes fire because of some rumors he heard. This may be due to Enrique being sheltered most of his life, and he had never really been outside of Valua. Also due to his being sheltered is his airsickness. Enrique is usually seen leaning over the railing of the Delphinus or on land with dark circles around his eyes. He is seen like this so much that Aika will often tease him about it. Even though Enrique is frequently seen like this, he appears fine and able to fight during battles on the deck of the Delphinus.

    According to Vyse's observation, Enrique knows a lot of different bits of information because he brings books with him from Valua on the Delphinus. This observation is clear evidence that Enrique's hobby is reading. Because Enrique strongly opposes violence, his goal is have a world without war, his conviction to bring Valua back to the right path. Enrique also plays the violin, and apparently, happens to be quite skilled at it. Back in the Crescent Isle base, Enrique has a room near Vyse's. In his room, there is a picture of Moegi on his dresser.


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