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    One of the three legendary beasts that roams Johto in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

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    National Pokedex No: #244 

    HG & SS Pokedex  No: #244                                                                  

    Entei's Status during battle...
    Entei's Status during battle...

    Classification: Volcano Pokémon
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Pressure
    Height: 6'11''
    Weight: 436.5 lbs


    Evolutionary Chain


    Additional Notes and Trivia

    •  Part of the three legendary beasts of Johto. While the official strategy guide for Gold and Silver versions referred to them as dogs, many believe the beasts to be cats instead for possessing similar features to Tigers ( Raikou), Lions ( Entei) and Cheetahs ( Suicune). on the argument for canines, it is believed that Entei resembles a St. Bernard, and Suicune a Wolf, with Raioku being indistinguishable. However, the dispute between fans resulted in many players jokingly referring to the trio as the legendary gerbils.
    • Entei, along with the two other legendary beasts, is believed by some to have been reincarnated from one of the "Eeveelutions", specifically Flareon. The inhabitants of Ecruteak City suggest this, as each of the trainers in the town use at least one of the Eeveelutions ( Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon and Espeon). Furthermore, talking to some of the NPCs in the City will reveal that three Pokemon had originally perished inside the Burnt tower when it burned down, and when they were resurrected by the Phoenix Ho-oh, they became the legendary beasts we know today.  Another piece of evidence that supports this claim is the stats each beast specialises in corresponds with the appropriate eeveelution - Raikou and Jolteon have high speed and special attack, Entei and Flareon have high attack, Vaporeon and Suicune have high defenses.

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