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Like others subscription games

Nothing more to say after defaultgen's !

It's like any other subscription game cause you can't play it without deposit unless you're willing pass endless hours sweating (most profitable free in-game activity);

Best way to profit is trading in Auction: buying big and selling in pieces.

The game is fun: good mechanics on crafting, hunting and mining, but excessive armor & weapon decay + amno cost turn it not worthy the time/effort.

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    I've played Entropia on and off for maybe 6 years now on a few different accounts (the majority of those being "off"). It's an amazingly intriguing concept. "Invest" into a virtual avatar, stake a claim on a virtual planet, live in a world tied directly to the real world economy. To start off, I am not a disgruntled customer because I didn't make money in this game. People expecting to make money playing video games are insane. I understand Mindark needs a business strategy, I just don't like th...

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