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    Entwined is a dual-stick action game where the player controls the souls of a fish and bird who are in love, and seek to unite as one.

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    Entwined is a dual-stick action game for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita developed by Pixel Opus. The game was announced on June 9th, 2014 during the E3 Sony Press conference and released the same day on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 3 And PlayStation Vita versions were released around a month later in July.

    Entwined is a visually abstract game about two souls that are in love, represented as a blue bird and a yellow fish. Once the two souls unite as one they become a magnificent green dragon. The game features 9 stages, each labeled as a different lifetime and plays into the games overall theme. The story is intentionally vague and aside from the opening cut-scene most of the story is left up to player interpretation.


    The player controls both souls simultaneously, the fish with the left analog stick and the bird with the right. To complete a level the player must collect enough of the same colored orb to fill the corresponding meter, one meter for each soul. Players must also guide the souls through the shapes matching their color, failing to do so will drain the meter. For green shapes both souls must fly through together. Once both meters are filled and flashing, the player must successfully navigate a series of shapes to connect the souls as one and become the dragon.

    Once a dragon the player will navigate freely around an arena collecting both colored orbs to fill in a final meter which allows the dragon to release a light trail behind it. When that meter has been depleted a portal to the next stage will open, simply fly through it to progress.


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