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    Enzo is an underground informant who gathers info for Bayonetta. He is seen both in the opening and closing of the game.

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    Enzo is an underground informant for Bayonetta who helps her discover her forgotten past. He is also a customer of the Gates of Hell bar and an acquaintance to Rodin, to whom he is indebted at the start of the game. According to character designer Mari Shimazaki, Enzo adores the Italian mafia but his own personal hobbies are "decidedly more bourgeois". Enzo is a devoted husband and has a large number of children to which he seems to be a loving father. Enzo is also a very talkative character, somewhat of a coward and has a strong hate of all angels. Comments by Enzo may also indicate that he is responsible for acquiring or at least delivering dead bodies to the graveyard for Bayonetta. According to Rodin, Enzo also made a large amount of money exploiting Bayonetta.

    The game opens in a graveyard on Enzo's birthday. Bayonetta is praying over the coffin of a character by the name of Eggman in an attempt to lure down angels from heaven to sacrifice. While Bayonetta remains praying, Enzo talks continuously, much of his talk showing a great disrespect to Eggman. To Enzo's disbelief angels do descend from heaven to collect the body of Eggman and he is caught in the fight between the angels and Bayonetta. When the angels try to attack Enzo directly Rodin appears and slays them. After further fighting between Bayonetta and the angels, one of the angels attempts to carry Enzo off but Bayonetta chases after them and kills them, although she inadvertently damages Enzo's new car in the process. After the fighting is over Rodin and Bayonetta force Enzo to fill in Eggman's grave with the threat of leaving him in the graveyard.

    In the next scene of the game, Enzo is driving his badly damaged car erratically along a highway and talking to Bayonetta who is sitting in the passenger seat. Bayonetta discovers a tracking device planted on Enzo and notices another car following his. An airplane appears, containing Jeanne which flies very low over the highway, causing Enzo to swerve and crash. After the ensuing fight between Bayonetta, Jeanne and a group of angels, Bayonetta saves Enzo and his car who at the end of the fight end up flying through the air. Enzo and Bayonetta then visit the Gates of Hell where after Bayonetta quickly disappears, Rodin charges the cost of her drinks to Enzo's tab. Shortly after this Enzo tips Bayonetta off about the whereabouts of a rare jewel which may help her unravel her forgotten past. He says that the jewel is known as the "Right Eye" and is part of a set known as "The Eyes of the World". He explains that the jewel passed through several hands for a few hundred years before ending up on the black market, however the price that the jewel was being sold at was too high for any possible buyers, but various people managed to work out the location of the seller; Vigrid, Europe. Enzo also encourages Bayonetta to pay him for the information he has provided.

    As it transpires the right eye does help Bayonetta uncover her past and Enzo is seen again at the end of the game. In the same graveyard in which the game opens a fake funeral for Bayonetta is staged with Jeanne disguised as the preacher, however Enzo seems to be unaware of the fact it is phoney and is shocked when it is uncovered that Bayonetta is in fact alive and the funeral was a ploy to lure down more angels to sacrifice. During the credits Bayonetta and Jeanne are shown seemingly having damaged a new car that Enzo acquired since the beginning of the game to which Enzo is reacting shocked.


    Character designer Mari Shimazaki notes that she designed Enzo with his love of the Italian mafia but more bourgeois hobbies in mind. She also says that she sees Bayonetta as "a game about glasses" and that everyone should be wearing them, this was why Enzo was given his black sunglasses. The design for Enzo was approved in just three days. Apparently character modeler Kenichiro Yoshimura had a great affection for the character when modeling him.


    • A character with the same name and speaking style of Enzo is mentioned in the manual for the original Devil May Cry. A character to similar to Enzo also appears in the Devil May Cry 3 manga. There is no direct evidence that the Enzo from Devil May Cry and the Enzo from Bayonetta are in fact the same person but it can be assumed that they are.
    • The number plate on Enzo's car reads "ED N EDNA". This is most likely a reference to the game Maniac Mansion.
    • Character modeler Kenichiro Yoshimura says that he took great pride in modeling the mole on Enzo's right cheek, however this mole is largely obscured by his sunglasses.
    • Enzo was voiced by Allan Groves.
    • The stone trophies in the game depict Enzo and upon the player receiving them Enzo can be heard saying "Oh, what a day!".

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