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Epic Astro Story revolves around the exploration of planets, production of materials, and improving the appeal of your planet for tourists. The game is controlled via a handful of menu systems giving the user an indirect control over their city and it's citizens. Options include improving your residents, adding appeal to your overall tourism, exploring dangerous and unknown territories and planets, as well as controlling the economy through means of material production and consumption.


Epic Astro Story consists of 3 different "types" of structures. These include "Environment," "Work," and "Tourism." Each collection of buildings focus on a specific part of the overall economy of the players planet. The tourism category houses special bonus buildings that are found through exploration of the map that benefit both the appeal and research production of your tourists.


HouseYour general purpose building for your inhabitants. These buildings "improve" with the increase in your citizen's level.
DestroyDestroy structures and (unlocked) environment.
RoadYour general system connection tile. Roads are needed for your citizens to travel to the various buildings in your city.
ExporterBuilt next to "fields," exporters sell the harvested field immediately instead of allowing for transport to a factory, or processor.



FieldYour general-purpose material producer. It is required to create foods at the Factory and processor.
FactoryGenerates specialty foods and items from gathered materials at the Field and Mine.
MineLike the field, but generates materials like Rock, Iron, and Rare metals.
ProcessorUses materials created at the field and mine to create higher tiered materials.



Space-portYour city's mode of entry for interplanetary visitation.
HotelHousing for your tourists. Improves your relations with discovered civilizations with increased appeal.
Flower-bedWhen built next to a Hotel, the flower-bed adds +2 appeal to the Hotel's overall appeal.

Tourism bonus buildings.

These buildings are found through exploration of caves and unknown territories on your planet. They add bonus research and cash when visited.

Ivory Statue
Food Cart
Fast-food Restaurant
Toy Store

Weapons and Armor and Abilities

You can equip your citizens with weapons, armor, and abilities to aid them in their exploration of the unknown universe. They are discovered my "researching" the specific field which can be found throughout your exploration of the planet.


ClubWeapon Tech 01
KnifeWeapon Tech 02
Short-swordWeapon Tech 03
Long-swordWeapon Tech 04
Battle-axeWeapon Tech 05
SwordWeapon Tech 06
HammerWeapon Tech 07
Heat AxePlanet Level 06 Reward
Beam SabreWeapon Tech 07 + Electronics Tech 04
DrillWeapon Tech 07 + Mining Tech 03
Golden AxeBottomless Chasm Challenge Dungeon L13 Reward
Force SwordBottomless Chasm Challenge Dungeon L4 Battle Reward
BoomerangWeapon Tech 02
Throwing KnifeWeapon Tech 03
Shock BladeLevel 02 Planet Reward
Throwing StarWeapon Tech 04
Iron BoomerangWeapon Tech 05
PistolWeapon Tech 06
BazookaWeapon Tech 07
Beam RifleWeapon Tech 07+ Electronics Tech 04
Wind BladeLevel 09 Planet Reward
Multiple-launch BazookaBottomless Chasm Challenge Dungeon L4 Reward
Plasma RifleBottomless Chasm Challenge Dungeon L10 Reward


Battle GearArmor Tech 01
Space-SuitArmor Tech 02
Power Suit 01Armor Tech 03
Power Suit 02Armor Tech 04
Power Suit 03Armor Tech 05
Chimpan Z Suit100% Exploration of home planet.
Kairo SuitBottomless Chasm Challenge Dungeon L16 Reward


RageAttack increased < 50% health.
RecoverySmall heal when health < 50%.
Heal allyHeal's an ally when health < 50%.
Battle-cryIncreases allies attack when < 50% HP.
Sharpshooter+1 range to citizen weapon.
Power-strikeMelee attack increased periodically.
Power-shotRanged attack increased periodically.
GuardGuards against enemy attacks when health is < 50%.

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