Epic Games Creating Japanese Branch

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Famitsu.com is reporting that Unreal Engine 3 developer Epic Games will be forming a Japanese branch. The new branch will aim to strengthen Japanese language support for the Unreal Engine 3 game engine.  
Famitsu seems to have been tipped off about a upcoming press conference on April 15th, where Epic will be formally announcing the new branch. Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney will greet the press at the event and will be joined by Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda "51" Goichi, who's currently working with EA on an unnamed Unreal Engine 3 project. Cliffy B is also due deliver a video message.

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Turn Based Gears of War!
Skills->Chainsaw Bayonet...  IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE! 
Wonder what the new Suda 51 game will be.

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@xobballox said:
" Turn Based Gears of War!  Skills->Chainsaw Bayonet...  IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!  Wonder what the new Suda 51 game will be. "
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Didn't they talk about this like a month ago?
I hope there Japanese branch does well for Epic games.

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Lost Odyssey used the Unreal Engine and it looked OK.  A little bland, though.

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