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    Epoch Cassette Vision

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    A cartridge-based system released in Japan in 1981.

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    The Epoch Cassette Vision (Japanese: カセットビジョン Kasetto Bijon) is a cartridge-based video game console produced by Japanese toy and computer game company, Epoch. Notable for being the first reasonably priced video game console released in Japan, priced at 13,500 yen, with games available for 4,000 yen. By 1982, it had sold 300,000 units in Japan.

    While not an runaway success, it was profitable enough to warrant the release of a revised version of the console in 1983 named the Cassette Vision Jr, which was considerably smaller, featuring detachable controllers and was introduced at a lower price (5,000 yen) and eventually spawned the release of the Super Cassette Vision. The Super Casette Vision also sold 300,000 units in Japan.


     The Light Gun.
    The Light Gun.

    The Cassette Vision is controlled using four metal knobs located on the sides of the machine, two for each player, one for vertical movement and the other for horizontal. Four fire buttons are located on the bottom, labeled as 'Push' buttons. Other functions (Power, AUX, Select) are placed in the middle of the machine with a 'Course Select' towards the bottom.

    A light gun was also available for purchase, plugged in via the AUX connection, for use with 12-in-1 pong variations game, Big Sports 12. The light gun was modeled after the Mauser C96 pistol.


    The New Baseball cover.
    The New Baseball cover.

    Eleven games were released on the console, many of them being clones of other popular games. It was also rumored that Sega and SNK were making games for the console at the time, but this has never been confirmed. Titles on the console were also numbered on their box art, generally in the order of their release. Many sources cite the 10th cartridge titled 'Grand Champion', but due to the rarity of information on the system, it's release is not confirmed.

    1. Kikori no Yosaku
    2. Baseball
    3. Galaxian
    4. Big Sports 12
    5. Battle Vader
    6. PakPak Monster
    7. New Baseball
    8. Monster Mansion
    9. Astro Command
    10. Grand Champion (unreleased)
    11. Monster Block
    12. Elevator Panic


    • Dimensions: 13.25" (W) x 10.50" (L) x 3.25" (H)
    • Weight: 3 lbs / 1.58 kg
    • CPU: PD7801G (4 MHz)
    • Memory:128 Bytes
    • Video: 8 colours, 54x62 resolution
    • Audio: Mono audio (w/ one tone generator, one noise generator, one 1-Bit PCM)

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