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In Equilibrio it is the player's goal to guide a ball from a side perspective through a play field by twisting the play field and letting the ball roll towards the exist whilst avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus stars that are spread around the fields. The player twist the playfield by in the case of the Iphone version rotating the Iphone and in the case of the Wiiware verion by either twisting the wii remote out by shifting their point of gravity on the Nintendo Balance Board.
The different level of the game contain variable obstacles to avoid, types of balls to play with and a variable maximun angle you can pitch the playfield that change up the approach and the tactics needed to beat every one of them.


Over the course of the game the player will encounter several obstacles that can be used for further mobility or can lead to the players ball ending up on the other side of the playing field. The different obstacles are:
  • Cannon: Shoots the marble to the direction it is pointing but if th marble hits a wall when shot by the cannon it might explode.
  • Trampoline: Launches the marble slightly in the air depending of the initial velocity the marble hit it. 
  • Acid: First introduced in level 9 acid will destroy most marbles as soon as it touches it, in most cases acid is placed at the bottom of the screen where the player has to jump the marble over it
  • Spiked: Spike first occur in level 10, just like acid the destroy the marble upon touch however spikes are more prone to be situated on walls.
  • Warp Portal: Once touched the marble will be warped to a exit warp portal somewhere else on the play field. 
  • Check points: If the marble gets destroyed after touching the checkpoint the ball will instantly respawn there, the first checkpoint can be seen in level 16
  • Cushion: If a marble fall on a cushion at high speed no mather the type of marble the marble will not break.

Ball Types

Equilibrium also has various types of marbles/balls that the player will have to guide toward the end of every stage. The different types of balls are:
  • Iron Ball: A heavy ball that will only be destroyed by acid, it first becomes available in level 3
  • Paper Ball: An extremely light ball introduced in Level 6
  • Rubber Ball: A ball that bounces of walls without breaking however it will still be destroyed when touching one of the hazards, the rubber ball also has quite a weight to it. The player first gets to play with it in level 11.
  • Stone Ball: A heavy ball that is prone to being smashed when hitting a wall or any other surface at higher speed.
  • Glass Ball: An extremely delicate ball that tends to break at even lower impact compared to the stone ball. The glass ball is first used in level 50


  • Conquest

In this mode the player has to reach the end of all the 64 initial play fields  as effective as possible, levels onces played can not be replayed and the player will be rated for every level according to the time it took to complete and the number of bonuses collected in order to get the highest total score of all the levels at the end. If the player can not beat a level the game will propose to skip it and come back to it later and will automatically scale down the difficulty (and the value of points gained with that).

  • Random

Play one of the levels at random.

  • Challenge

In this mode the player will have to complete levels while not taking longer than the imposed time limit. Just like in conquest mode the challenges their difficulty scales.

  • Play a Level

Once the conquest mode beaten "play a level" becomes available, here the player can choose any of the levels to play.

Accessibility Features

  • After losing a level a certain numbers of time the game will propose to the player to either skip, replay or watch a video of the level being played.
  • Auto difficulty scaling: depending on how well you play the game will higher up or lower the difficulty, the game does this by changing the type of ball you will have to play a level with.


Equilibrium has a "prizes" system that could be compared to XBOX's achievements and Playstation their trophies. There are a total of 25 prizes to unlock by doing different tasks throughout the time spend playing. An example would be the "life is sweet" prize for wich you will have to finish a level at the highest difficulty rating without dying once. The prizes achieved will light up in bright green in the prizes menu.


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