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Erandur can initially be found at the Windpeak Inn, in Dawnstar. He is a Priest of Mara, and is doing all that he can to help the people of his town with a series of unnatural nightmares that has been plaguing the entire town. The player may choose to help him, receiving the quest: "Waking Nightmare".

Trivia (Spoilers)

  • During the aforementioned quest, Erandur reveals that he was formerly a priest of the Daedra Lord, Vaermina.
  • The player will be confronted with the voice of Vaermina herself, attempting to deceive them. You can then choose to help, or hinder his quest.
  • If you aid Erandur, he sends the Skull of Corruption back into Oblivion and offers to join you on your journey.
  • Erandur is among the most talkative of the game's traveling companions. Being a Dunmer, he has lived for quite some time, he has something to say about almost everything. Whether it be simple comments, or sharing of his rather diverse and colorful past.
  • With a little leveling and a few equipment upgrades, Erandur proves to be a valuable companion, he is tough and highly skilled in both destruction magic and in one-handed melee combat.

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