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Biography: 1994-Present

Early days

    Eric  Nofsinger joined High Voltage Studios in 1994. Since then, he has gone on to becoming the Chief Creative Officer at said studio. He has also helped HVS's in-house motion capture studio, Red Eye Studio, get off the ground and on its feet. He has been involved with many games spanning many consoles since then, albeit most of them overlooked.

Work on Wii

    Nofsinger has achieved some level of industry-wide fame recently, as High Voltage's proprietary Wii engine, Quantum3, has proven the capabilities of the Wii, a console notorious for laughable presentation. "Most Wii games look like crap. We wanted to change that," said Nofsinger in an interview with IGN, discussiong their engine, as well as their new Wii first-person shooter, The Conduit. Shown as an early adapter to the Wii and its new gameplay ideals, he has also become the figurehead for third party effort on Wii, mostly due to the aforementioned shooter, WiiWare tunnel shooter Gyrostarr, and WiiWare's Animales de la Muerte

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