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    Eric Nylund

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    Eric Nylund is a professional technical writer and novelist. He has written multiple best-selling novels based in the Halo universe. Nylund is currently a writer for Microsoft Game Studios.

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    Eric Nylund is best known for his Halo "tie in" Novels. These include ; Halo, Fall of Reach - First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx. He did not write the Halo: Combat Evolved tie in (known as the Flood) as he states on his website that he only wants to write new "lore", not re-imagine the games. Before the Halo novels, Nylund was already an established writer with a number of books published, most notable being Signal To Noise. He is currently writing a new series of novels, the latest of which is titled All That Lives Must Die.

    Aside from Halo, Nylund also helped developed the lore for the Gears of War franchise, and was a writer for the first game in the series.

    Nylund has a Bachelors degree in chemistry from the University of California at Santa Barbara, as well a Masters degree from the University of California at San Diego. His wife, Syne Mitchell, is a predominantly science fiction writer. He dropped out of his Ph.D program after realizing he wanted a bigger audience for his work.

    Left Microsoft Games Studios for a position at Amazon Games Studio as a director of narrative design.


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