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    Erica Anderson

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A waitress at the Stray Sheep bar in Catherine. Toby apparently has a crush on her.

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    Erica is 32 years old and always seems up on the latest news and happenings around town. She generally has a very bright and cheerful personality. Tobias has a crush on her, of which Erica is aware and which also amuses her. A childhood friend of Vincent, Jonny and Orlando, Erica, waitress at the Stray Sheep, is the one who initially tells them that it seems all men who have died following the recent bizarre events have been prone to cheating on their girlfriends.


    • Throughout Catherine, it is heavily implied that Erica is transgender, such as by her experiencing the Great Trials typically only experienced by males, and characters occasionally claiming her to not be a woman, to her displeasure. This is taken a step further in Catherine: Full Body, wherein an added flashback sequence shows Erica in high school, prior to transitioning. As well, the Full Body expansion removes a number of references to Erica's pre-transition name, such as in the game's credits.
    • Erica's Japanese voice actress is Junko Minagawa, and her English voice actress is Erin Fitzgerald.

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