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    One of the most legendary people in Zelda II, it is believed that this character's name was meant to be "Errol," as in Errol Flynn. He lives in the town of Ruto.

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    Error is a non-player character that appears in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. When Link speaks to him in the town of Ruto, he responds with the famous line "I am Error." His name is believed by some to be the result of a mistranslation, and was probably intended to be "Errol", but another character identifies himself as "Bagu", meaning that they probably are references to glitches in programming (error and bug). The player must talk to him in order to locate the secret entrance to one of the palaces that Link must visit.

    Error became a running joke with Nintendo fans and has been referenced and parodied in several other games, including Super Paper Mario.

    Error returns in Cadence of Hyrule in a house that loads only if players reach an out-of-bounds area via a glitch or programming oversight. He gives his full name as Error Houlihan. His last name and his house only loading if the game tries to achieve a room that fails to load properly are references to the Chris Houlihan room of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


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