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    Erudin is a city built on the northern cliffs of Odus. It is the starting city for the good-natured Erudites in EverQuest.

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    Erudin is home to the High Men known most commonly as Erudites. From the moment one enters the city, either by sea or from the Toxxulia Forest, it is obvious that Erudin is an extravagant city. The Erudites are highly intelligent and often considered snobbish by other races, but they are a good people that detest those with evil intentions. Erudites take pride in their vast knowledge, thus the city features the most robust library found anywhere among the known continents. Erudin rests high on the cliffs overlooking the Vasty Deep. Its streets are made with the finest marble and the lush gardens are impecable. The steep cliffs make the city quite defensable. A port is located just north of the city where boats travel to and from Qeynos, but it is not directly attached to the city itself. All entrances to Erudin involve a teleport platform, which can easily be deactivated if the Erudites ever needed to defend their great city. The great library is located in the center of the town square surrounded by various shops, a guild hall for clerics and paladins of Prexus, and an inn. All of these buildings are built of the most beautiful stones available. Just north of the courtyard lies a grand stairway to Erudin Palace, the interior part of the city, which is also accessed via teleportation. Near the teleporter is yet another teleporter that takes citizens to the docks. Nestled quietly behind the staircase is a church for more clerics and paladins. This church worships Quellious the Tranquil.

    Erudin Palace is a sight to behold. The entire palace is constructed with marble accented with the most precious stones and metals in the world. Silk banners are draped upon the walls while crystal clear water flows through the palaces series of fountains. Upon entering the palace, stairs will take visitors down to a large open room which features the city's bank, city hall, and a jewelry store. The jewelcrafters also offer training for those wishing to learn the trade. Beneath city hall is the city prison. Upstairs, surrounding an enchanting fountain are the three colleges of the arcane arts. Erudin produces some of the world's most powerful wizards, magicians, and enchanters. Much like the outdoor parts of the city, the Palace is a quiet and calm place built for learning and reflection.

    Neighboring Zones

    Starting City


    • Craftkeepers
    • Crimson Hands
    • Erudite Citizens
    • High Council of Erudin
    • High Guard of Erudin
    • Merchants of Erudin

    Guild Halls

    Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
    Deepwater TempleClerics, PaladinsGans Paust (CLR)
    Weligon Steelherder (PAL)
    Temple of Divine LightClerics, PaladinsLeraena Shelyrak (CLR)
    Reklon Gnallen (PAL)
    Tower of the Craft KeepersEnchantersLanken Rjarn
    Tower of the Crimson HandsWizardsGhanlin Skyphire
    Tower of the Gate CallersMagiciansMarkus Jaevins

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Bank of ErudinBank
    Blue Hawk's FoodFood, Water, AlcoholBakingOven, Brew Barrel
    City ArmoryChain Armor, Plate ArmorPotteryErudin Royal Forge
    Deepwater KnightsSlashing Weapons, Blunt WeaponsForge
    Erudin City LibraryRare Songs, Rare Spells
    Erudin City OfficeBags
    Erudin Port AuthorityBagsBaking, Fishing, Tailoring
    Erudin SurplusFood Water, Bags, Cloth ArmorBrew Barrel, Oven, Pottery Wheel, Loom
    Sothure's Fine GemsGemsJewelry
    Temple of Divine LightBlunt Weapons, Cloth Armor, Leather ArmorTailoring
    Vasty Deep InnBags, General Supplies
    Vials of VitalityPotionsJewelry


    Notable NPCs

    Tower of the Crimson Hands
    Tower of the Crimson Hands

    Notable Items


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