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    Erudites are a race in the EverQuest series. As humans evolved from barbarians, Erudites believe they are the next evolutionary step. Erudites are the most intelligent race of people in the world of Norrath.

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    Humans evolved from Barbarians, and Erudites believe they are the next step on that evolutionary chart. They are the most intelligent race found on Norrath and therefore excel as enchanters, magicians, and wizards. Led by a man named Erud, they left the city of Qeynos and founded the city of Erudin on the continent of Odus. Before long, a rebel faction led by a man named Miragul, broke away from Erudin and founded the city Paineel to practice the arts of necromancy. The followers of Miragul are referred to as Heretics by those true to Erudin. There are a few Erudites that devote their lives to Prexus as a cleric. And depending upon which city they're born in, Erudites can also become paladins or shadow knights. Like other Humans, Erudites have no enchanced vision, making the darkness of night difficult to deal with. All Erudites have an innate plus 5 to magic resistance, -5 to disease resistance, and wear medium armor.

    EverQuest II

    Erudites have evolved further over the last several hundred years, and now look quite different due to the luminescent glyphs on their skin.


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