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    Escape Plan

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 14, 2012

    Escape Plan is a side scrolling puzzle/survival game with black and white visuals and a dark humor tone.

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    Escape plan follows Lil and Laarg as the try to escape a series of levels including a prison, a workshop, a dump and a factory. Players must use rear and front touch pads, microphone functions, and tilt controls to confuse enemies, move obstructions, create paths, create soft landings,and more to move through the game.

    There is a number on the front of both Lil and Laarg's clothing that keeps a tally on the amount of each character's death. Giving you a constant visual motivation to finish each screen without dying.

    Downloadable Content

    Bakuki's Lair

    Patch 1.01 bought the free DLC pack Bakuki's Lair to Escape Plan. The DLC adds 19 new puzzle rooms to the game. The 1.01 patch bought new tweaks and improvements in response to player feedback, allowing for more accuracy on tap blocks, as well as some adjustments to the game’s Star Rating system. Stars will no longer be dependent on a limited amount of 'taps'. Only speed will be taken into account.

    The Asylum

    The Asylum DLC brings 18 new levels, 7 new challenge modes, costumes for Lil and Laarg and four new trophies. It was released on June 13th 2012 for a promotional price of $0.25/£0.21 (valid for just two weeks).


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