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Better than Madden NFL 2005, and I still own this game!!!

Custom soundtrack, play tournaments up to 16 teams, ESPN license, ability to play Franchise mode for 10+ seasons, better graphics than this year's Madden, more realistic football gameplay than Madden (because in Madden you could make pass completions that you shouldn't be able to make), Build your own crib, play darts, learn the fundamentals of football, First Person Football (experience the game from one player's perspective), Chris Berman, Suzy Kolber, superb graphics, what's not to love? all for the original price 19.99 (price in 2008 must be considerably less.) One of the best football games this decade, and I say that having played Madden for years and years. I own this game and Madden NFL 2005 because they both have good points, but I like this one a lot better. It's more realistic to the game of football, better graphics, better presentation, ESPN license, Sportscenter, much cheaper original price, you can put your own music in the game to play at certain points of the game like touchdown, kickoff, field goal, etc. I haven't met a sports fan who didn't like this game or love it. The only places I could find fault that someone might not like this game is because it has annoying celebrities like Steve-O and Jamie Kennedy calling you up at your crib's phone , and when you play them you have to hear them trash talk you, but the final celebrity you play is Carmen Elektra, and she makes it all worthwhile. You get trophies and awards in your crib for different accomplishments like winning a game without a turnover, winning Super Bowls, winning the AFC or NFC, and other accomplishments. You can start collecting bobbleheads, soundtracks, furniture, ESPN clips, posters for your crib. Some casual fans might find the crib annoying, but you don't have to use it at all if you don't want to. Another thing people might find annoying is that there are no big names for the soundtrack, but you can put your own music to play when you want for this game, so that's cool. Madden was good this year, but ESPN was better I think, partly because it had the ESPN license, and also because it gave yopu more realistic football. It was a much better price, and if you don't mind playing an older sports game (for 2008 players) pick this one up!! The game nowadays should be extremely cheap. As I said I own both Madden NFL 2005 and ESPN NFL 2K5, but I play and prefer this one much better. Unfortunately this was the last licensed 2K NFL game. worth a buy, but you shouldn't ever have to pay more than 9.99 because it's an older football game

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