Estadio Azteca

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    Estadio Azteca is home to Club América and Mexico's national team.

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    • The Estadio Azteca is the biggest and most important stadium in Mexico. It is located in Mexico City, in a district called Saint Ursula Coapa, hence the name "El Coloso de Santa Ursula" or in english "Saint Ursula's Colossus".  
               Televisa, a television network, owns the stadium along with team America F.C.  
      The Estadio Azteca was built because Mexico was hosting the 9th World Cup in 1970. The building of this stadium started in 1962 when Emilio Azcarraga Milmo decides to build the stadium which will host the 1970 world cup final and finally ended in 1966. The stadium was opened to the public May 26, 1966, but actually inaugurated by the President three days later. The arquitects that designed and built the staduim are Pedro Ramirez Vazquez and Rafael Mijares Alcerreca.  
      The first game ever played there was on May 26 between America F.C. versus Torino F.C. the result was a 2-2 tie.  
      The stadium has individual seats, not like Maracana (Brazil) where its just a long bench and everybody crams in, that fit in 110,000 fans. 
      This stadium has been host to the most memorable moments in soccer history like for example: 
                                                                         The Hand of God, by Maradona in the 1986 World Cup Match between England and Argentina
    •                                                                    The Game of the Century, a 1970 semifinal between Italy and Germany wihich ended 4-3 in overtime
    •                                                                    The Gol of the Century, by Maradona against England in 1986.
    •                                                                    The place where Pele and Maradona, considered the best players in soccer history lifted the World Cup 

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