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Eternal Darkness is a very impressive Horror Adventure game. 2

Eternal Darkness was a great game, it was longer than I had expected and left me with a memorable impression. The graphics was a bit dated, other than that the only thing I hated about this game was the repeating dungeons. There's probably 3 or 4 dungeons in total of this game, but you replay them in different time zones, so things are different about them. While it's enough to give you new puzzles, you're still walking through the same rooms over and over and over again. It get's old. It would...

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The Best Game You Never Played 0

Eternal Darkness could arguably be the top third party game to come out during the GameCube's life.  The game has sci-fi/fantasy elements with a psychological survival game that drives the plot.  The premesis is simple enough, the more spooky stuff you see, the more the game messes with your head.  This includes walking into an empty room that is full of enemies that aren't there and seeing dead bodies to effect that mess with your head as a player.  This includes the game acting as if it's turn...

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An Insanely Good Masterpiece 0

             The GameCube may not be the most popular console that has ever been released, but I'm not going to deny how many great games I've played on the little purple box. In no specific order, my favorite games for the system are Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.  I'm still debating in my head if Metroid Prime or Eternal Darkness is number one, but that's for another time and place. What you ...

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Forget about Too Human, Just Play This Again 0

Originally posted on my blogWith a development time that almost approached eternity itself (I know it’s cheesy, leave me alone), Eternal Darkness, originally announced for the N64 back in 1999, finally launched on the Gamecube at the end of May in 2002. Being the all-around wuss with respect to horror games or movies that I am, I was among the multitude of players that didn’t go and buy the game and contributed to its commercial failure (lucky for all of us, Denis Dyack doesn’t see this as a dis...

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We all go A Little Mad Sometimes.... 0

  Your spine shakes with chills as your heart begins to race. Your mind wanders with the fear of the unknown, and just when you think you were safe from whatever hunts you, you feel it’s grip across your throat. It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means, a series of reviews on some of the scariest horror games out there today! Welcome to my 13 days of horror reviews, where we honor the creepy, the kooky, the mysterious and spooky side of video games, both past and present. Today, we lo...

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Ambitious, but underwhelming 0

I came into Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem with some high expectations. I had been hearing a lot of good things about the game. It ranks highly on multiple "best of the GameCube" lists, so I was ready for an experience. That's one thing that Eternal Darkness delivers. An "experience." I just didn't find it as positive as others, and I attribute many of my issues with the game to dated controls and mechanics.Eternal Darkness' story was heralded almost across the board. There's just one proble...

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Don't classify this game as survival horror. 0

NOTE: this review was written by me years ago. This is my first time posting this review at Giant Bomb, so enjoy!---A long time has passed since gamers were waiting for the release of Eternal Darkness (ED)--since the days of the Nintendo 64, to be precise. When the game resurfaced as a 2002 title for the Nintendo GameCube, most gamers had all but forgotten about ED; the Sanity Meter was intriguing, but the game didn't look terribly exciting. Basically, there wasn't much hype surrounding ED. Comp...

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Face the Darkness!!! 0

What's not great about this amazing game? This is survival horror at its best, so innovative and atmospheric that even surpasses Resident Evil, being even more creepy and atmospheric! The great thing about this game is how it looks different from everything you ever played, this is so plot-driven that many will feel bored right away, so do fear, this game is not for everybody, it's an epic, mysterious and intriguing journey through various present and past events, all culminating into a fantast...

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