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The Best Game You Never Played

Eternal Darkness could arguably be the top third party game to come out during the GameCube's life.  The game has sci-fi/fantasy elements with a psychological survival game that drives the plot.  The premesis is simple enough, the more spooky stuff you see, the more the game messes with your head.  This includes walking into an empty room that is full of enemies that aren't there and seeing dead bodies to effect that mess with your head as a player.  This includes the game acting as if it's turning the sound down on your TV (complete with on-screen TV volume display) to acting as if your memory card has become corrupt and everything's been deleted.  The story takes you thorugh different points in history in a family lineage.  As you complete each mission, more story becomes available.  While there is a semi-incentive to play the game through 3 times (there are 3 main magic powers you can use), the game lasts anywhere from 15 hours your first play through down to 5 or 6 as you play through more.

To this day, I cross my fingers Silicon Knights will dabble into this story or even genre again and remains one of my favorite games of all time.

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