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    Eternal Ring

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 04, 2000

    Eternal Ring is a first-person RPG developed by From Software and published by Agetec, released on the PlayStation 2 in 2000.

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    In Eternal Ring you play as Cain Morgan, a young soldier and magician who is able to combine and use magic rings to perform spells. Cain Morgan is sent to the "Island of No Return" by the King of Heingaria to track down a legendary artifact called the Eternal Ring and the research team sent to recover it.  


    The game is viewed in a first-person perspective. Playing as Cain, the player needs to traverse the island and the ruins underneath, solving puzzles and recovering rings. The rings are Cain's main source of combat power, as they allow him to use spells of varying elements and effects to defeat enemies and progress through areas.


    Main Characters

    Cain Morgan - The protagonist of the story. He was found wandering on a battlefield by his adoptive father Gillian and was raised to become a soldier in the Heingarian army. His past is clouded in mystery. 
    The Research Team - Most of the research team are alive when Cain first encounters them, though tragic events will eventually see all of them dead. 
    Lyla - Another visitor to the island, and the last of the ancient people (the Solcians) who used to live there, Lyla is the deuteragonist of the game. She only occasionally helps Cain, regarding him with some suspicion as he is an enemy of her adoptive country. 
    Soulus the Immortal - The Solcians' most important project, and their undoing, was the creation of the perfect, immortal human. Born without emotions, including compassion, Soulus in his larval form has been eternally sealed away inside the game' eponymous ring.


    ·         Dragons

    ·         Lizard Man

    ·         Gargoyles


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