Ether Structures

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    The Ether Structures are places where the Ether Animus gathers energy to free their lord Aghailt.

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    The Ether Structures are a recurring place in the game Scarlet Shadow. These are buildings, mostly located underground, where the Ether Animus gathers energy from the planet in order to free their lord Aghailt. Usually, the goal of the player is to find a way to access the core of the structure, through labirintic maps, to deactivate the machines. During his journey Lux visits 2 different Ether Structures; however it's not known how many of those actually exists.

    The enemies that can be found in said locations are usually robots and droids built by the Ether Animus just to protect these structures. They automatically attack everything that moves around them with either physical or electric attacks. Some robots are also equipped with a machine gun and can inflict the player serious damage.

    Ether structures are often guarded by members of the Ether Animus such as Drett, Dara and Eerste Veren.


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