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The player has a choice between playing two of the worst types of human beings, a skinhead or a klansman (with the choice making no difference on gameplay), on a revolting mission to stop the Jews from taking over the world. All the "enemies" in the game are Latino, African-American, or Jewish.


The player has only one weapon, a machine gun, that has unlimited ammo. The game is divided into three levels: a ghetto, a subway, and the "Yiddish Control Center".

After defeating the final boss, Ariel Sharon, the player goes into a room where they can restart the game from the beginning or return to the main menu via standing on one of two floor tiles.


The soundtrack from the game consists of skinhead punk from bands signed to white supremacist record label, Resistance Records, who also published the game.


The game was criticised by the Anti-Defamation League, who lobbied the developers of the game's engine (Genesis3D), to convince them to keep their, and other, game engines away from racist groups. However this was inexplicably unsuccessful and the developers allowed this title to be published.


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