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    Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jul 05, 2012

    The 4th entry in the Etrian Odyssey RPG series, and the first for the 3DS.

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    Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan is the 4th game of the Etrian Odyssey franchise. It retains many of the conventions found in previous games, like tile-based first-person dungeon-crawling and turn-based combat. However, the game drastically expands on the model, adding a full overworld with optional dungeons, a new set of classes, and graphical changes, including 3D polygon monster models as opposed to 2D sprites. The game was released on the Nintendo 3DS in America February 26, 2013.


    Skyship travel!
    Skyship travel!

    Etrian Odyssey IV plays like its predecessors: a first-person dungeon crawler with turn-based combat. Many of the franchise's mechanics return, including its extensive cartography tools. However, the structure of the game has been drastically altered. Gone is the single multi-leveled Yggdrasil Labyrinth; instead, dungeons are now select spots in the overworld, and are not directly connected with each other. A dungeon can only be explored after discovering it in the world.

    The Overworld

    Etrian Odyssey IV features a full overworld where players can navigate through with a skyship, a first in the series. Unlike the sea exploration minigame in Etrian Odyssey III, there is no longer a limit to how long the party can explore per trip. However, the skyship, like the ship in Etrian Odyssey III, can be equipped with different tools to help the player in their exploration.

    There are many different mazes and caves spread across the land, each similar to the labyrinth in the previous games. Once found, players can instantly teleport to the entrance of the labyrinth. However, many strong enemies dot the landscape, and natural obstacles will also hinder the player's exploration. Players can also gather food from the land around them, and use the food to boost their combat capabilities or draw enemy attention. All food is sold when the player returns to Tharsis.


    Battle Screen!
    Battle Screen!

    As in previous Etrian Odyssey games, powerful monsters called F.O.E.s will patrol the labyrinth. These monsters are quite dangerous and effectively serve as mini-bosses. It is usually possible to avoid these monsters, but defeating them will give the party a lot of experience and they often drop rare loot. In previous Etrian Odyssey games, F.O.E.s are represented on the field as large orange fireball and you will only see their true appearance once you engage in battle, but in Etrian Odyssey IV they will appear on the field the same as they do in the battle screen.

    Burst Skills

    Another new feature in Etrian Odyssey IV are Burst Skills. Burst Skills are set to an individual character and are learned from special scrolls found during the game. These skills are used in battle to grant special abilities, such as giving your party a boost in attack power for one turn. In order to use a Burst Skill, you must first fill the Burst Gauge, which is shared by your team. There are 5 charges in the Burst Gauge, and each Burst Skill takes a set number of charges, with more powerful skills taking more charges.

    Casual Mode

    Casual Mode Select!
    Casual Mode Select!

    For the first time in the series, Etrian Odyssey IV features a new casual mode that the player can switch between in the main menu at any time. In casual mode, players will not lose their progress when they die; instead, they will be transported back to town. Furthermore, players will have an infinite number of Ariadne Threads, which lets them instantly warp back to town. Battle in Casual Mode are also slightly easier.

    QR Codes

    Etrian Odyssey IV features a QR code scanner, which can be accessed in the Wharf after unlocking the skyship. QR equipment and quests can be scanned in to be unlocked in the game, and Atlus periodically sends out new ones through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    QR codes are also used to trade Guild Cards between players. Players can generate a QR code of their card in the game, and save it on their SD card. This card consists of their party, and various statistics and medals of their adventure thus far. Players can also attach a member of their guild to the card, which can then be recruited by anyone who receives the card (limited to their levels until postgame). Treasure maps can also be attached to the card, which unlocks new treasures to be found in the overworld. Guild Cards can also be traded in Streetpass mode.

    New Game Plus

    New Game Plus returns in Etrian Odyssey IV. Like in Etrian Odyssey III, players can start a new game after defeating the final story boss, carrying over their characters, money, and equipment. However, key items and unequipped items, both stored in the inn and in the bag, do not transfer to the new game. Only equipment equipped on the player's characters are carried over. All quests, story and side, are reset, and unlockable classes are locked until they are unlocked in that new game. But players can still use their unlocked classes created in the previous games.


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    Landsknecht: Melee attackers that are capable of sacrificing defense for increased power and speed, and use special elemental link attacks.
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    Nightseeker: Assassins that fight with two blades and deal massive damage to ailing enemies. Can also inflict various ailments with their throws.
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    Fortress: Tanks that can absorb blows intended for other party members and draw enemy aggro.
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    Medic: Healing specialists that can hit hard with staff skills and revive downed party members.
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    Sniper: Bow users with powerful ranged attacks and binds to lock down enemies.

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    Runemaster: Mages that uses Runes to attack with elemental spells, and increase the party's defense to elemental attacks.
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    Dancer: Agile swordsmen that perform special dances to both support allies and attack enemies.
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    Arcanist: Magic users who use magic circles to debilitate enemies with binds and ailments.

    Arcanists are only unlocked after the 2nd Maze.

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    Bushi: Close-range physical fighters that can endure one fatal blow per battle, and sacrifice HP for even more damage.

    Bushi are only unlocked after the 3rd Maze.

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    Imperial: Knights that use special swords called Driveblades to activate powerful Drive abilities with a cooldown.

    Imperials are only unlocked after the 4th Maze.


    The Subclassing feature, introduced in Etrian Odyssey III, will return in Etrian Odyssey IV. Subclassing allows for characters to choose a secondary class, giving them the ability to learn most of the skills that class can use. However, they are limited to half the amount of points they can put into a skill, and they cannot learn the class proficiency skills. This allows for a wide variety of class and party combinations, as players can mix and match classes and subclasses to maximize their character's viability.


    • Windy Plains: The first land in the game. Several dungeons are available very quickly after starting. Very little height changes in the area.
    • Scarlet Pillars: The second land. The area has many height changes and requires the player to gain access to "lighter fuel" to be able to fly higher in the ship.
    • Sacred Mountains
    • Cloudy Stronghold


    Atlus USA released a demo on the 3DS eShop on February 17, 2013. It consists of the beginning of the game, and lasts until the end of the 1st floor of the 1st major dungeon. All progress from the demo can be carried over to the full game. Art and sound assets in the demo are at a lower quality as compared to the full game.


    Yuzo Koshiro composed the soundtrack as he had done for the previous entries in the series. But unlike previous games, the music isn't synthesized. Etrian Odyssey IV is the first entry in which the music is fully orchestrated.


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