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Sumner Sturgeon is the son of the renowned Bernard Sturgeon. Sumner starts out at a military training academy, dubbed New Wave (NW).
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  This is  where he meets his love interest, a girl  named of Ruri.  Sumner’s teammate, and so called friend, Hooky, immediately gets jealous and challenges him for Ruri's heart in the championships of New Wave academy.  At the championships, Sumner finds out that Ruri is leaving New Wave.  She says that he wouldn't understand it until he owned his own LFO and leaves him with a kiss and a picture.  Sumner later goes on to win the championships, only to be recruited by the illustrious Sawyer Team, the military branch that New Wave has been training him for.  From there on out he pilots his LFO on various missions that test how well he knows his LFO, such as taking out a bandit group situated in mines, getting hard evidence against a black market trade, and protecting his city from various disruptions. Later on, Sumner’s old teammates, including Hooky, join Sawyer Team, and Hooky still dislikes Sumner.  After a series of missions, Sumner eventually meets  up with the  characters from the anime, including Holland, to whom he gives the advanced Nirvash LFO he stole from the military to Moondoggie, who like Sumner appears in the sequel, and Eureka the future pilot of the Nirvash.  Sumner later pilots the Nirvash in the final missions


The gameplay revolves around lifting [air combat], ground combat, and melee combat when not in your LFO.  When lifting you are piloting a giant mech called a LFO.  You are basically surfing the sky on a hoverboard while fighting other enemy LFOs or racing.  This is what makes the game unique for a mech game.You are given two basic attacks one is with a long boomerang like knife that can be used to knock other LFOs off their mech's, which is mapped to the O button this is your melee weapon.  The other is a ranged attack that varies from a rail gun to homing missiles.  The ground combat is all the same except for one thing.. Your LFO can transform into a vehicle for better maneuverability against enemies.  Now to the melee combat when not in your LFO.  There are going to be some missions that require you to leave your mech to fight off thugs and soldiers. You are offered a number of combos to perform and also a range weapon for those pesky enemies with machine guns.
 melee combat
 melee combat

There are some segments of the game that require you to race on your hoverboard this is very straight  forward with 3 laps.

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