So anyone else playing this right now? Hows your game going?

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sup folks?

Just wanted to start some convo about this game since it appears some duders on this forum seem to be enjoying it. Oh before I forget make sure you download the latest patch here as it contains an entire brand of trucks as well as some other major improvements!

I picked this game up last night, real fun game. I find it's an excellent game to listen to podcasts too while playing.

Anyway so how are your games going right now?

In my game I started off driving a Scania, they are not the fanciest trucks in the world but they are durable (useful for someone who does not actualy drive trucks) but man climbing in to the cab seems like your litteraly climbing back in to the late 80's early 90's! It certainly does not seem to have as much gadgets and modern trimmings of some of the other trucks. Anyway start off in the UK (southhamption to be exact as thats near where I live) and did a few short delivers to build up experience. I did not take a loan and buy a truck straight away. Mostly because the base truck is kind of crappy while the next truck up is only 50k more but has more than a 100hp more in the engine amoungst other things. So I held out and took the expensive cargo perks and on my second level up I took the license that allows you to take flamable liquids like petrol. (the middle icon at the top perk) This essentaly doubled what I was earning, I also made sure not to take longer jobs as most are not as rewarding as the short trips when starting out.

Since taking my "petrol license" I have found myself doing a lot of work in central Germany. It's big highways (some of which have no speed restrictions!) make it a pretty fun and easy place to drive around as long as you remember to stay on the right side of the road which being from the UK admittedly I did accedently prang a couple of cars on one of my trips to a german quarry.

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I downloaded the demo but got lost in something else before I installed it. I don't think there were any trucks, sadly.

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Just finished playing with a few mods. Essental ones being the speed limiter, better traffic AI, HD cilivan cars, civilan trucks carry all cargos and proper name badges where "Valiant" becomes Volvo etc.

Really fun darting around traffic at 70 mph now. Most of the time I can make the truck go faster but I normaly stick within the limits unless I am on the Autoban or quickly overtaking. Never thought I would be digging this game as much as I am.

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I downloaded the demo, played it for about 2 hours. Still can't figure out streaming an online radio (been trying to use one from, but it just doesn't play when selecting in game), but I enjoyed it. Still on the fence of purchasing it due to the disgusting amount of games I picked up over the Steam and GreenManGaming sales and wanting to get through those first before school starts up again.

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The link that you put in to the streamradio file works best if it's a MP3 file link. Thats what I have noticed when adding my own anyway. Annoying it does mean no BASSDRIVE radio for me though! :( Also make sure that the number in brackets at the begining of the link you are editing is a diffrent number from the rest otherwise it won't show up on the list either.

That said I am now the proud owner of a Blue 600bhp Volvo Truck, brought it without a load and it's been modded quite a bit. (mostly high beems and two air horns at the top of the truck) Now I have to be near the jobs before taking unlike the quick job option. That said when driving your own truck you do get paid MUCH more money, just remember to put some aside for repairs and fule as you will be needing to pay for that stuff.

If anyone needs it I can upload a bunch of the mods I am using in to one zip file on megaupload or something, saves having to hunt around for them.

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#6 Posted by mattdragn (96 posts) -

When my uni work settles down I may have to give this a try. It sounds like a great podcast game as well. DUDE someone should make a bombcast radio station!

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#7 Posted by dandead (200 posts) -

This is my truck. 600bhp Volvo Sleeper. What that picture does not show is the high beams and horns I attached to the top of the truck. XD
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#8 Posted by Wilshere (408 posts) -

Scania and Volvo are top tier brands in the trucking world. Followed by MAN, DAF, Mercedes, Renault and Iveco.

Unfortunately i have stuttering problems, even though i run the game at 60fps. Kills my enjoyment.

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#9 Posted by Devil240Z (5708 posts) -

@dandead: where do you get mods for it?

@Wilshere: I'm playing it on ultra settings and it stutters on me every once and a while but I live with it.

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@Devil240Z: For some reason its stuttering a lot less on my other save, so its playable.

This mod is essential, it makes the trucks feel alive and removes the 90km/h speed limit.

Skins for the gas stations.

Better lights.

Look around, there are a lot more neat mods. Trailer skin pack are cool, different interiors, sounds, mods that improve the speeds of the traffic, etc. If you want to install a map mod you will have start a new game to take effect.

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How accurate are the cities? London especially.

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The cities are really small and without many landmarks. You go there only to take/deliver goods. The beauty is in the open roads.

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#13 Posted by Atlas (2575 posts) -

I've been playing it a fair bit over the past few days and it is shockingly engaging and weirdly entertaining. Something very zen about it; just me, my music in my headphones, and the digital open road. Plus, the metagame of building up my truck empire gives me a larger goal to aim towards and keeps things interesting. I think I could really get into simulations in a big way, but a lot of what holds me back is just that aimlessness of doing something for its own sake. I love business sims and making money in games - dunno why, just do.

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#14 Posted by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

Just logged into Steam to see that it's available there now. Just sayin'.

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Oh god, this game. It's soooo relaxing for me. It's so calming going on a long drive and watching the road pass you by. Just make sure you don't get TOO relaxed, though, or you'll miss an exit, something that's happened many a time to me. I haven't played it too much lately though, so I'm still starting out. I just bought my first business and I have one employee, I believe. Still, this is easily one of my favorite games of 2012.

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Man I wish I had to play a game like this. How viable is it on a controller? I would use my wheel, but it's the 360 one and I'd have to find a wireless adapter for PC which are impossible to find in non-shady Chinese company form.

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#17 Posted by The_Grindilow (484 posts) -

@MikkaQ said:

Man I wish I had to play a game like this. How viable is it on a controller? I would use my wheel, but it's the 360 one and I'd have to find a wireless adapter for PC which are impossible to find in non-shady Chinese company form.

It's drive-able with a controller. I have a wheel too but I find the most enjoyable way to play for me is with the mouse. As others have said, it's such a relaxing game to play. Definately recommend the mod to remove the speed limiters though, doing 150kph on the wrong side of the road is pretty darn fun. The in game radio feature is genius too.

Last time I checked I was around level 12, got a Renault 'sports truck' with go faster stripes, but I tend to pick up speeding fines quite often, or i'd probably have a few more truckzz

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So I've completely gone down the rabbit hole with this game. It's not the driving part so much but the business management side that has me enthralled. I've got 2 big garages going and 6 or 7 employees. As others have said it is a pretty mellow game for when you just want to veg listening to a podcast or the in-game radio.

I'm playing with a 360 controller and it's just fine. I use the sequential gearbox option and have 99% of what I need mapped to buttons on the controller.I usually only use the keyboard to navigate menus.

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#19 Posted by Sanity (2149 posts) -

Loving this so far, theirs something so peaceful about it, im still on my first garage and only have one other truck and driver right now but my jobs are starting to make more so that will change soon.

I really hope they do a American truck sim in the future.

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#20 Posted by Laiv162560asse (488 posts) -

How is the hot-swapping in this game? Can you use a combination of keyboard, mouse and controller all at once without the game bugging out?

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@laivasse said:

How is the hot-swapping in this game? Can you use a combination of keyboard, mouse and controller all at once without the game bugging out?

Works fine for me using my DFGT, along with the keyboard and mouse. I use the mouse to check for traffic and still have some truck toggles on my keyboard.

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