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    Euro Truck Simulator

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 29, 2008

    Travel across Europe in a variety of trucks, picking up and delivering cargo in SCS Software's latest game.

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    Euro Truck Simulator is a game that aims at reproducing the feel of the European roads. You drive deliveries between big European cities like Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Prague amongst others. All the trucks in Euro Truck Simulator are modelled after real European trucks and share their way of handling all of this in order to recreate the most authentic European trucker feeling.


    At the beginning of the game, players are able to choose a starting city from one of 12 countries across Europe and are given a budget of 100,000 Euros to spend on their first truck. After this, the player is able to undertake a variety of jobs from different companies, making deliveries all over Europe using real-life recognisable routes and roads, earning money as they go in order to purchase new trucks and take on more high-profile jobs from bigger companies, involving much longer and more complicated journeys as the game progresses.

    In addition to driving trucks along routes players also have to stop and refuel their truck if it is low on petrol, stop somewhere safe and sleep if they are becoming tired, call the emergency services if they break down, and park themselves correctly at their destinations. Failure to comply with the rules of the road can incur fines, and if the player loses more money thanthey have they are met with a game over screen. Driving is done from a third-person driver's seat view, although the views of the wing mirrors are also displayed on screen so that players may see the road behind them. Players have access to such features of the truck as the lights, parking break, and horn.


    Below is a list of the various locations featured in the game, the player is able to choose to start in any of these locations.

    Starting Country Select Screen
    Starting Country Select Screen


    All of the featured trucks are European, and all are based on real trucks and so were developed to be as realistic as possible. A list of trucks featured in the game is as follows:

    Truck NameFuel TankEngineTransmissionIn-Game Price (in Euros)
    Renault Magnum Runner (A)950368 kW, 500 hp, 2450 Nm V6 12.8l14 Speeds174,900
    Renault Magnum Runner (B)800339 kW, 460 hp, 2300 Nm V6 12.8l12 Speeds117,900
    Renault Magnum Runner (C)600302 kW, 410 hp, 1900 Nm V6 10.8l9 Speeds94,800
    Mercedes Benz Majestic (A)850425 kW, 578 hp, 2700 Nm V8 16l14 Speeds176,900
    Mercedes Benz Majestic (B)650370 kW, 503 hp, 2400 Nm V8 16l12 Speeds124,500
    Mercedes Benz Majestic (C)590320 kW, 435 hp, 2100 Nm V6 12l9 Speeds97,800
    Scania Swift (A)900456 kW, 620 hp, 3000 Nm, V8 16l14 Speeds170,900
    Scania Swift (B)700412 kW, 560 hp, 2700 Nm V8 16l12 Speeds125,100
    Scania Swift (C)650345 kW, 470 hp, 2200 Nm V6 12l9 Speeds95,700
    Volvo Valiant (A)890485 kW, 660 hp, 3100 Nm V8 16l14 Speeds182,900
    Volvo Valiant (B)650426 kW, 580 hp, 2800 Nm V6 16l12 Speeds128,300
    Volvo Valiant (C)600353 kW, 480 hp, 2400 Nm V6 12.8l9 Speeds96,300


    The game contains several fictitious trucking companies delivering all over Europe, the following is a list of all companies featured in the game and their respective delivery locations:

    Name of CompanyDelivery Locations
    Euro GoodiesVienna, Brussels, Prague, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Manchester, Warsaw, Barcelona, Bern
    Euro AcresBordeaux, Warsaw, Lisbon, Madrid, Bern, Newcastle
    Tree-EtLyon, Frankfurt, Munich
    StokesLondon, Newcastle

    System Requirements


    Operating System: Windows XP or Vista

    CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent

    RAM: 512MB (XP), 1GB (Vista)

    Hard Drive Space: 600MB of free space

    Graphics Hardware: 128MB Video Card: Geforce 4 or better, ATI Radeon 8500 or better

    Sound Hardware: 100% Direct X 9 compatible sound card


    Operating System: Windows XP or Vista

    CPU: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent

    RAM: 2GB (XP), 2.5GB (Vista)

    Hard Drive Space: 600MB of free space

    Graphics Hardware: 256MB Video Card: Geforce 6 or better, ATI Radeon 9800 or better

    Sound Hardware: 100% Direct X 9 compatible sound card


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