Eve Sale on Steam/Kite Co update

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If you've ever wondered about eve, now is your chance! I know eve can seem to be a pretty inpenatrable game and hard to justify but theres a pretty good weekend deal on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/8500/ 75% off sale. They also have a reduced rate for subscriptions this weekend. Kite Co space trucking is still going strong and always look for more duders to join the fray and blow up gloriously. We've been living out in no security space and having a great time. Big kills and stupid fun to be had by all. Consider yourself educated! If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask. I know eve can be a bit of a mess but I and the rest of Kite Co are still always willing to help a newbie out.

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There's all sorts of crazy fun popping off where we are right now - come join us for sweet dunks!

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Eve Online is either a really shitty game or an amazing one, and that depends entirely on who you play it with. Flying with Kite Co has been some the best times I've ever had in video games!

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Kite Co. always loves getting new duders and is totally willing to help you climb the brick wall that is Eve's learning curve!

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Might start up the ol' Omen again

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Kite Co. is best Co.

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/me is totally Steam friends with Kelduum Revan.

Also, dude works at Sony.

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Steam sale going on again for the new patch released 11/19/2013

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I'm planning on doing my masters thesis on EVE online so I finally decided to jump in. I still have a few years to go before I'll start writing the thesis but I thought that it wouldnt hurt to start early. So I'll be joining the corporation as soon as I get the tutorials out of the way and feel at least semi-confident about my ability to play!

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@nictel: I'm studying folklore at the university of Turku in Finland. Folklore basically includes everything from old folk tales to internet culture. When it comes to EVE my main academic interests are the ways that people playing the game shape it with their actions and the stories that are born out of important events happening in the game (like people stealing thousands of dollars worth of PLEX, infiltrating corporations etc.) I've been looking into playing EVE for years but never had the time that I felt the game needed. So by deciding to study the game I'm able to fulfill my academic responsibilities while also giving myself the chance to blow some space shit up with my fellow duders!

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I've been on and off for 4-5 years now, I was (maybe still am?) a member of Kite Co. and I was looking at the Rubicon expansion. Looks sweet. But I had to stop playing EVE because honestly, to do anything even remotely productive you are sitting down in 3-4 hour blocks of time. And sometimes you can go on a long couple hour long fleet and quite often come back having not engaged a single target.

Anything changed recently? Are fleets more common (and eventful?) with Kite Co.? I'm a mix between a carebear Drake mission runner and a fairly well skilled PvP Logistics pilot, though I imagine I wouldn't be doing much Drake mission running if we're in 0.0 space. I wouldn't mind an excuse to come back and play one of my favourite games.

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I don't know when you joined and how the fleet activity was compared to now, but it depends. There's usually at least a couple fleets a week, and since we've joined Brave Collected there's also alliance fleets heading out pretty much all the time you could jump on.

You probably won't be running very many missions in Syndicate, but Drakes are great for ratting and running deadspace complexes so that skill training won't be in vain!

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