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Greetings all! Long time lurker, first time poster here. Applied to join Kite Co. Space Trucking today and opened the chat channel for giantbombing but it looked empty. New to EVE and am wondering whether I did something wrong. It did list the brief tribute to Ryan so I felt like I was in the right place despite the channel being empty. Is the Corporation and channel fairly active?

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It might seem empty at first, but if you or someone else types in it it should show the number of people that are in it at that moment in the top right.

EDIT: you can also uncheck the "only show recent speakers" option in the member list settings in the channel to see everyone it it right now.

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Thank you!

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It's safe to say the Mumble and Corp chat is much more active. Giantbombing is where us out-of-corp folks mingle, and the conversations come in fits and starts. Can get pretty fun though once you start to recognise people.

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