WAR SPOILS: Captured Station in Fade named after the greatest corp in eve history

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The dream never dies.

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Was that our original home base? Also it was captured at some point? Is Kite CO part of any of the bigger alliances at all or do we not really matter?

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@daveyo520: THat wasn't our original home, just some station in Fade I had the opportunity to name after Horde captured it. Kite Co is mothballed, the members are in mostly Dreddit, a couple in Horde.

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Oh that is amazing! I really need to find the time to get back into some fleets.

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@chadj: Oh that is kinda a bummer, oh well. Then again I haven't really heard it talked about since Dave was here.

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@daveyo520: I ended up making some time last night to play. I was able to join a support fleet for this brawl, https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/4dz81v/mbc_vs_cfc_cap_brawl/ . Good times were had! I was able to pitch in on a few kills. And we saved a friendly super capital.

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