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    "Eve" is a character in Mass Effect 3. She is the only survivor of Maelon's experiments to cure the genophage.

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    Eve is a Krogan who is shaman of the female clan on Tuchanka. She took part in Maelon's brutal research in finding a cure for the genophage. She and other surviving females managed to escape from Maelon and were discovered by a Salarian STG team and brought to a secret research station on Sur'Kesh. All the females were extremely ill as a result of Maelon's experiments and in the end Eve was the only one to survive.

    In order to secure an alliance between the Krogans and Turians, Commander Shepard, with help from Mordin Solus (or Padok Wiks if Mordin is dead), must use Eve in order to find a cure for the genophage. If the player uses an imported save from Mass Effect 2 where they save Maelon's research data, Eve will survive the process and becomes a unifying influence among the krogan clans after the genophage is cured. If the research data is not available Eve will die and the krogan clans will fall into conflict.

    Being a shaman, she surrendered her name. Since they were on the Normandy (a human vessel), Mordin/Padok decide to name her Eve, a figure from human mythology. If she survives after curing the genophage she reveals to Shepard her birth name of Urdnot Bakara.


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