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The Game


Players guide a child-like soul named Ki on her journey through the afterlife. This modern fable was inspired by movies, games, and legends we love. It draws from the wonder of The Neverending Story, the hand-drawn aesthetic of Child of Light, and the Greek myth of Orpheus' descent into the underworld.

Game Play

100's of challenging puzzles.
100's of challenging puzzles.

Evergate is an expansive 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a unique align-to-shoot mechanic. Unleash the Soulflame and harness energy trapped within crystals to solve puzzles, find lost memories, and save a kindred spirit.

Evergate blends cerebral puzzles with skill-based execution. The goal of each puzzle is to reach the gate at the end. Some players may opt for a straightforward route while others will strive for the more difficult complete solution using every crystal. This offers challenges for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Core Features

  • Unique align-TO-shoot mechanic. Aim only energizes when it connects with an afterlife target. This small twist on the classic aim-AND-shoot mechanic opens up brand new challenges.
  • World filled with crystal powers. New powers keep the simple premise fresh while adding nuance and depth.
  • Over 100 challenging puzzles. Perfect for quick, casual play and competitive speed-running.
  • One puzzle, many solutions. Explore a creative space full of possibilities. Find solutions we didn't intend!
  • Simple to learn. Hard to master.
  • Storytelling with style. Emotional and gripping narrative told through hand-crafted art and music.

Industry Recognition

Reviews & Reception

“The reason we came to this show [PAX East 2018] was to find those indie games that we weren't expecting, and oh boy, was Evergate that game! Gorgeous game... The passion [the developers] exuded was fantastic. Watching them watch other people play the game, they're so freaking excited when you beat it.” - EPIC Streamers

“We're talking them up big for a reason people. We really think this game is going to be something special.” - Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo

"In a crowded genre where merely standing out can be its own challenge, Evergate is clearly ahead of the game already." - GameCrate


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